Monday, March 30, 2015

Final Year Dental Camp

My absolute last dental camp ever.. Obviously I had to go. Haha.. I'll miss this when its all over. The parties, the drink-ups, the ease of making friendships with the girl taking a leak in the next cubicle just cause I get lonely in there.
Dental camp has always been the best event of the year. Why wouldn't it be? No limits out there in the wild. Haha.. This time it was at Victor Harbour, and although it was a two day, two night event.. I only joined in on the second night.
I didn't want to miss out on Saturday's work shift.. and also didn't want to be away from Adelaide for two nights. .. I tend to miss people after a day. Absolutely PATHETIC I know! But hey, the honeymoon period is still going, and I'm not one to complain. :)

One thing I WILL complain about though, is the lack of fun-times this dental camp.
No, I don't think the issue is because I'm not single anymore. I can't put my finger on it, but it might have been something to do with the crappy organisation.. or because people weren't being ushered into the hall- instead they kinda just chilled out in their cabins or outside on the grass.. or maybe cause this year's 1st years are total buzz-kills.
Whatever the reason, I was super disappointed at the turn out. And even more-so because I kept telling my group of friends who hadn't been before that dental camp was the best thing on Earth.
Needless to say they were kind of confused when it turned out to be not close at all, even to the best thing in Victor Harbour. 
The dance floor was pretty dismal, half the time pretty much empty. I used to have trouble breathing due to the sheer amount of people on the dance floor. You used to only be able to move in the vertical axis, I kid you not. This time I could have run laps and maybe play badminton in all the free space. You can imagine now the level of sadness.
Still, I was really keen on dancing, cause after all what else did I come here for!?
So I pushed a few friends on the dance floor and it wasn't so bad really. I still got my dance on. Not that I can dance.. but you know, just me jumping around with my arms in the air, singing my face off. 
In the end I did enjoy myself, but just disappointed in how different camp has gotten since I had been there last. And my last one ever, too! :(
Was glad to be back in my bed the next day. That night I think I had one of the worst sleeps ever. In the driver's seat of someone else's car, with a super bright LED outdoor light shining in my face the whole night, waking up every so-often to open the door and vomit. Not my finest moments. It got to the point of vomiting pure bile, which isn't pleasant to say the least. My throat and mouth were left burning, my teeth felt chalky and the taste... it was like I just drank a bottle of petrol.
Tequila is not your friend.
After the third time waking up I prayed to buddha that morning would come. WHERE ARE YOU, SUN!?

So.. that was my fantastic experience. Haha.. Making an effort to go to all the events this year. After all its my last chance hey? No regrets ;)
Picture time.

OMG TOTALLY FORGOT, I actually re-united with my best-friend Jishnu back in Reception/Year1.. HAHA was the best feels cause he was super excite when he realised who I was as well. Knew my name still!! Best feels because I used to be the biggest loner in primary school. Only had like 1 or 2 friends.. and yea, he was it. LOL. Man, who knew. He's 2 years below me though because I skipped Year 7 and then he did a year of something else after Highschool. Super coincidences :) So awesome. ANYWHO. I'm out. :D