Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I booked you as my first patient. Too late (:

So my instruments came in like a week ago, how exciting! Just holding them in my hands makes me feel that much more like a real dental student.
Included are some dental probes, mouth mirrors and a couple knives. Ooo, wonder what they're for! Teehee.

On another tooth related note, I went to collect extracted teeth from my dentist, and here is what I came back with. Its pretty interesting, got a couple incisors, a.. molar I think and also some random other one.. Its hard to see from the picture, but the molar at the front is definately the most awesome one, it has three roots! Three! Like a tree :D HAHA which reminds me of how the Singapore kids in my class say 3. Innn-tresss-ting.
Sigh.. but recognising teeth is tough. They all look the same, there are hardly any differences between the ones on the left and right! Gosh. And all the terminology is pretty hard to grasp, I can hardly remember what anything means anymore, all the words are just floating in my head with no meaning.

Things are going well in the Yong-household, haven't had an argument for a while. And thats how I Like it :D My dad bought new pants, and he was fully showing them off!
"I look good don't I, I lost weight didn't I, I look younger right? Yeh, I look cool now." Hahahaha... what an awesome person. So I'm glad things are good for the time being =))
Parents going on holidays soon-ish. Can't wait to go places, be with people and have awesome fun! Not even uni work can bring me down now! I'm like a superjun.

In my tute today, the tutor was like 'not to pick on anyone but Jun, you're too quiet, you need to speak up or you will disturb the group dynamic' or something like that. REALLY NOW? you want me to be loud? I'll be loud-_- I'll talk so much that your ears won't be able to handle that much awesomeness!! But yeh, I think this kind of criticism should motivate me to be more outspoken, and not disturb any kind of dynamic. Or whatever that is.
Its not that I'm quiet, it's just that sometimes I'm having off days. Those days coincide with the days I see my tutor. LOL Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
Enough of my rambling, I'm going to go do something kind of productive :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Talk to me

Blogging to me used to be a way to just, write whatever I want, bitch about insignificant things.. that was before people actually read my blog. Not that alot of people read it now, but I know you're there, you stalkers! :D Jokes, you're awesome. After all, thats what blogging is for. To share the love. (:
So Zhe's 20th was last night. It was fun.. i guess. Apart from Zhen saying that he'd take care of me and drive me home, then a couple hours later finding him sleeping in his car holding a cup of something with the engine turned on and the door un-locked. HAHA, thats the last time i'm relying on him to take me home after a party! But it's all cool, Johnny and Andy were there to take me home. Thanks guys! Got kind of worried as to how I was going to get home before my Dad blew up.
The night was well spent cracking jokes, having a good time, taking care of people and lots and lots of D&Ms. The D&M parts, although helpful was kind of weird. I had people giving me advice on things that I didn't even have a problem with. Which is just awkward cause then I just nod and 'yeh' and then say thankyou for the help. But I have to admit, some of the advice I got from certain people, i really will remember it. I even wrote it down on my hand with someones pen last night. I remember that part cause I just read it on my hand :D smart Jun! Why so smart?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

FUDGE!! cake. Is nice. But really why don't you try a banana cake? That's nice too. Carrot cake? Ooh..strawberry.

I think, as I get older.. my dad just wants to pick more fights with me. Are you doing it on purpose? Making my life more of a challenge? Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. HAHA not really.
But.. what gives you the right to choose who I hang out with. You already control almost every other aspect of my life. I should be happy that they care for me so much? But please. Not this one. Please :\
Communication is the bridge of solution. Or something like that right?
So why is it that when I talk to them, it just turns into a heated argument. For the fear of making things a hundred times worse, I just leave the room. The thing is they don't even say it outright. It's never "That boy looks like he won't treat you right, don't hang out with him". Its always some stupid game, leaving me hints here and there. What is this, a TREASURE HUNT?
Just come out and say it. My dad isn't good with emotions, i guess thats where he's not so perfect.
I think the problem is that he thinks the first boyfriend I have will be the one I marry. Cause I swear as I left the room he was saying 'Just go marry him. Don't even bother studying anymore. Just marry.' I study hard.. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?
Just because my oldest brother has had only one girlfriend, been with her for ten years and is going to get married soon. My parents were each others firsts as well I'm pretty sure. Its sweet and all.. but not everyone is going to find that one person on the first shot.
If that didn't happen to my parents and my brother, I would have thought it was impossible.
Like really, what are the chances.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I google.

Lately its been like, every single word I don't understand goes down on pen on my hand, then i GOOGLE it. Another thing, my hand is almost always covered in writing now, reminding me to google things and do work. Is that poisonous..?
Let's google that.

Well, its apparently a common misconception on one website, but not on others. Well THATS not helpful.. lol.
If I die in a couple months from ink poisoning, you bloggers will know why ;) So.. ever thought of what it'd be like once you're done and dusted?
I'll be honest, it's crossed my mind more than a couple times. Not that I'm all emo or anything, don't get me wrong! I love life at the moment :)
But yeh, its iiiiiin-tress-ting. How awesome would it be, when you die, you can just go to another place- lets call this place Jun-ven. Yeh? Heaven? AHHA get it, yeh you do! Whether you believe in heaven or not, i'll leave that up to you. But for now lets just assume.
So its an awesome place, where you can just chill with everyone that you love. No worries in the world. Wouldn't that be nice.
I'll find out how it is one day in the future, and email you from there. We'll probably be so high-tech that it might be possible :D

Question. Do you have that one person that makes you forget what you were saying, forget all your 'good' jokes, completely forget what you were about to do?
Just putting it out there. (L)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

It's like a flash bang, in your face!

Dent camp 2011, was pretty fun. At night time anyways. Then in the morning everyone is just all blur and not feeling too good. Then night time comes around again and.. need I say more? Haha.. I wouldn't really call it a 'camp', rather two nights of party, loud music and ridiculous laughter! Also the odd stupid people that were smart enough to bring weed and smokes? What retards. I smack them on the bum. If I wern't scared of getting hurt LOL So first night there the theme was 'into the wild'. Being the super creative person i am, i made an effort to wear a leopard print. Haha yeh, its sarcasm this time guys! Gah, i totally forgot to take a picture with the giant penguin and the bunny rabbit. Sigh.. next time :)
Partying went way into the early hours. Got into bed around 5am, and even then retards kept coming in attacking with water balloons and shaving cream.-_- So the next day was well spent napping :)

You can probably tell the 2nd night's theme was 'sports superstar' or something, which is awesome, since I spend like half my life in badminton clothes. Lame? I think NOT :)
So I really don't regret going, even though as I was leaving I seriously considered ditching the camp and just spending time with a certain awesome Vietnam cookie :) HAHA. But that just goes to show.. you never know until you give it a try. Found some people that are actually as lame as me! LOL These kids actually laughed at my chicken joke. Mabes its cause they're Singapore.

Ps. New song in the side-bar, go press play and listen :) Just let it melt your heart with all it's cuteness. If you want another awesome song to listen to, go search 'Don't go home' by GD and TOP. LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!!
Jibe kajima, baby! =)) Totes my new head-bopping song.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheese burger.

Turns out that camp tickets were more expensive that I thought.. cause I'm not an AUDSS member-_- which reminds me I should go get membership.
So I'm ready to have an awesome time this weekend, and come back to a pile of work >:\ It's okay, everything will work itself out sooner or later, I'll get things done eventually :)

Look at the cute panda ice-cream :D Not sure if it was exactly chocolate flavoured though.. tasted like fake-chocolate, if you know what I mean. No? LOL okay.-_-btw I learnt how to take pictures in macro on my phone :D Smart cookie, I am.
I'm off to badminton in a minute, I really shouldn't though.. work load is getting bigger.. But you know, when there is something fun to look forward to, it makes you just want to leave all the crap til later. Mabes I should cut down on the badminton for a while..
Nah, impossible :)

Bought my black clinic pants today, they look like man pants-_- Make me look like.. an awkward balloon. And I didn't get around to buying a business shirt so I'll just wear a normal tee. Fail whale!! So much for being organised :\
Oh man. I don't remember how it happened but during conversation with my mum, she let it slip that she thinks i'm pretty O: LOL and so naturally i was happy and went to my dad: "Did you hear that, Dad? Mum said I look pretty." Dad just starts going on about how I believe everything people say, and that the only thing a guy needs to say to get me to fall for them is to tell me that I'm pretty.-_- gosh. Is that what they think of me? .. How did the conversation turn to this?
So I just punched him and ran off. LOL not manly at all! =)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just here to talk.. if you want to listen.

What to say.. 8am start tomorrow, not that I'm complaining but thats a PRETTY early time for me.-_- And when the bus gets full and you have to stand up, then a ...round person needs to get off. What do you do? Stuck in quite a dilemma arn't you?

Don't know why but I'm looking forward to uni tomorrow? Even though I haven't done any study, or done anything for that matter over the long weekend-_- chh.. my new years resolution to study hard is quickly going downhill. It's ok, starting tomorow i'll be hardcore nerding it up :)
Mabes because the long weekend was just so boring.. be glad to be going out. Even if it's just to Uni. Atleast I can see people there. Home is lonely..... Especially since I don't see much of my brother anymore! If you're reading this, Qiu, i don't blame you for wanting to spend time with your girlfriend, or having uni, or having to work. I just like to complain :D Plus I miss you. Even though you're in the next room.. we haven't had a real talk in super ages!
I remember Zhen and I would have sleepovers in each others bedrooms, and like just talk until one of us falls asleep. Most of the time I'd tell him TOO MUCH. and then that gives him the power to be all like "do it or i'll tell mum that you're going out with..."
"Give me your DS or i'll tell dad that you like..."
-_- what. LOL but yes, those were the days.

Oh shit.. have to remind myself to buy tickets for dent camp tomorrow.. or i'll be pissing of a few people-_- WHY is it so important that I go to camp? Will it even be that fun? Worth the FIFTY dollars? Ah..the things I could do with fifty. I just..... don't want to go and socialise. Call me a hermit but cereally,-_- the things I do to please people. fifty dollars. Thats a good friendship.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I can't help it, I'm a girl.

Everything I try to say comes out too cheesy, and I don't want to scare you off LOL So lets just say, I'm happy to have you here, making me happy. =)) Double chin love.

Went to watch 'No Strings Attached' last night, i recommend that you go see it! Now! hahah.. yeh it was pretty good, romantic but heaps funny too :)
Ashton Kutcher always makes for awesome laughs. In the movie his dad was sleeping with his ex. How awkward turtle... But then again, its only awkward if you make it. LOL actually i take that back, this is one situation where that rule doesn't apply. And so they were "tunnel buddies." Ewwwwwww..

Anyways, today was an awesome person's 18th birthday, Happy Birthday Rose-smay! :D Thought that we should go wake her up on her birthday, since she let it slip that she wanted to have cake for breakfast. HAHA... present is coming soon, my love. Lol, hope we made it a memorable birthday, old person. Gosh, why am I the youngest.-_- It's okay, you guys can go party. I'll have my OWN party. In my room. And jelly-fish myself..
Oh, exciting news, I bought some super-silky super-man shorts :D weeeee ahhaahha.. they're so silky.. touch them, touch them!!! Oh but too bad you can't. Cause you're missing out! HAHA.. so comfortable. No... they arn't mens..o_o I don't wear mens boxers. LOL ok, they are.. don't judge me! They were on special, what more could you ask for? :)

Referring back to JLo's blog post.. If you have something to say to your special other, just say it. Relationships are all about trust arn't they? Or so I've heard. LOL well yeh, so just trust that he/she will take what you have to say, even if its something bad. Mabes the relationship will be even better after you tell her whats bothering you! Open up, chupachup! :D HAHA yes, laugh at that cause it was genuinely funny. Came off the top of my head too! Didn't have to think about it for thaaat long.. Anywho, you need to at least find out how he/she thinks of the problem.. they might not even realise that you're bothered by it!
If you think they arn't making an effort.. mabes they have different views on what a relationship means. Maybe to her, a relationship doesn't mean that you have to keep doing things for the other person. Maybe to her, it means just being there with you, sharing the fun :) You won't know til you raise the issue! After all, she'll be there through good times and bad roite? :D
Dent camp is coming up soon.. to go, or not to go? From what I've heard its not good unless you get drunk. Something I prefer never to experience. But i guess it'll be fun, getting to know the 'dent crew' or whatever-_-mabes I'll go for one day.
P.s, getting a laptop tomorow using the extra money from scholarship :D haha.. love being on youth allowance. And plus, second to last driving lesson I'm hoping?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't wake me from my dream.

I'm crumbling under this pressure. Like an apple crumble. HAHA. But seriously, my parents! I know they love me so I'm just meh'ing this off. You know, when you have to make a choice that affects your studies, your parents are always there telling you, no, 'Advising' you on what you should and should not do. But last time they were all for me doing dentistry. However today, it felt like they think its not enough.
..haven't I made you proud enough? Obviously not-_-
So what do I do now?
I'll tell you what I'm going to do. TAKE A SHOWER. LOL chh, I smell :)
I'm probs just over-reacting, cause thats how I roll (H)

Today I bought my Frasaco model! Exciting man.. The first time I opened the box and held it, gosh. It made my heart feel good for some reason. Am I falling in love.... with teeth? LOL. Awkward turtle... But yeh It looks pretty cool, and the gums are like jelly! Rubber..ish. I'm going to have so much fun with these :D

Nom nom nom, they feel so REAL. Wish I had nice teeth like that. Instead I have a cross between a dog and a vampire. But I guess thats what makes my face Jun. Jun-dog. hahah I know you love it.
So the teeth made up for the crappy-day-with-no-umbrella. It was pouring! Usuallly I love these days.. But those are the days where I'm at home just chilling like the cool person I am, listening to the rain falling :) But yeh, out in the bucketing rain with no umbrella.. and when you stand waiting for the traffic lights and everyone has an umbrella except yourself, you make them feel awkward cause they're thinking "so do I let you into my umbrella space or...." TELL ME ABOUT IT, awkward turtle to the max! haha next time i'll be prepared. Or be with someone who'll be prepared :)

New song in the side-bar ipod thingo if you're interested. Such a cheerful song, it'll brighten up your day no matter how gloomy-bear :)
I'm feeling awesome today, are you? I don't even know why. Mabes cause I have awesome people in my life. Yes, you! LOL ._.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week2. Lets go :)

I don't know where I got this line from, but its stuck into my brain now. When it comes to relationships and love, timing is everything?
Wellllllllll if you think about it, it really is true isn't it? I mean, the person you like right now, does he or she like you back?
If so- CON.....GRA....TU...........LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA tions... a celebraaaaaaaaation :D
but if not.. why? Is it cause he/she is already taken..or mabes even can't get over a bad breakup? What if the timing was just really bad, that you two are actually perfect for each other but, because of certain circumstances you can't be with them. How bad would that suck?

But I guess thats just one of those things in life you can't even predict.

Wish I were a fortune teller :D then I'd have lots of fortune cookies!! LOLOL. wattheeff, think i'm going a little hyper :) haha.
Gosh, another thing. Am I annoying? Cause. I certainly feel that way when I talk to certain people. Its like..are you busy? Do you want me to be quiet for a while or...?
Wish I knew what you were thinking.

I certainly am wishing for a lot these days. I'm sorry, people from above. I know you can't grant EVERYONES wishes.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Basement party. In the basement. LOL

So I ended up having an unexpectedly good time last night :)
Met a lot of people although I can't really remember their names... I'm like " Sorry, what's your name?" and after they tell me I have to ask them again. LOL so good jun. I did the jellyfish dance :D HAHHAHAHA just kidding-_- get that image out of your face.
Just one thing though, it was too hot-_- I mean, outside was like a fridge, was so cool and windy. Then inside its just like a sauna. I could practically see girl's faces sliding off. LOL ewww
Some really crazy people in there, it's hard to believe that we're all in dentistry? Well I guess thats what teeth does to ya.
Ended up going for a jog around the block afterwards with Johnny to stop smelling like crap, then sat on a driveway telling each other secrets. Oh johnny, why so many secrets? I swear he's like my girlfriend. :D
So many bloggable 'moments' but I wouldn't want to embarrass him. Hahaha..

Well in order to get my study mode on after 3 months of brain dead-ness, I made myself a schedule for today! That.. i didn't follow.. Oh well, I made a new one.
SO I'm supposed to be starting work in exactly one minute.
I'll talk to you peeps later, got something on my mind i'll share if i remember ;) ooo, exciting.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Excuse me, but I think you may have made a typo-ta-to.

LOLOL ain't that just the funniest thing you ever saw.

Today, my dad was giving me a lift to Glenunga for badminton, and on the way there we drove past a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man. You know the one..

So anyways as we drove past, hes like "Hey Mei! Look, he looks like YOU!"
.. AHAHHAHAHAh at least when I die I'll be remembered for my awkward jellyfish motion :)

YES. So tomorrow is the Fresher's basement party for dent people. Well...I don't know. I'll just go and see if I can have fun. Yeh you know me, always the life of the party-_- ch. HAHA.. I dunno, it really depends who I'm with. It's weird how around some people i'll be all quiet and just sit there, but with other people I go crazy and never stop cracking shit jokes. Thats what coffee does to me too. I had coffee in the morning the other day cause of the crappy 8am lecture. I swear that day when I woke up I felt like I couldn't open my eyes. I blame a certain someone. LOL j-o-k-e. So the coffee made my energy levels go overboard and so I cracked another joke to the uni kids just randomly, out of the blue. LOL so unexpected.
Its like the dude was saying how he went to some cafe called Mayo cafe.
So I ask him if he thinks it's any good, and he said it was pretty awesome.
then its like -awkward silence-
....."so its called mayo cafe? ....MEI YOU Cafe? HAHAH GET IT? :D "
Gosh, I partly wish I weren't Chinese so that I couldn't tell that joke.

Anywho I will do my best to make more friends, with both my year and the senior years :) then I can totes just leach off them. AHHA I joke! Hopefully it'll be easier to talk to people when they're all high from the free alcohol, or what I'd like to call "Joy Juice" :D What a cute name.

Ps. For my special friend who is feeling super down at the moment, Chin up buttercup! Things will get awesome soon, you've practically got your life made out, remember!! You've actually got everything you could want! Awesome friends, awesome b/gf ;), awesome future, awesome skills..mabes you don't have as awesome skills as ME but.. HAHA joke.. think about it.. it's not bad! :) Should I say get well soon? :D
To the person/people who think I say awesome too much..... yeh... mabes I do-_-

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Om nom nom

So hows you-nee? LOL Uni is alright.. Started yesterday, it's only been two days but it feels like I've been there for a long time. Mabes cause the lectures are so boring and I always seem to be tired D: Haha, I came in late to the last lecture, thanks to SOMEONE, cough jlo..-_- and cause you know, when you come into a room packed full of people, you see a sea of heads, and there seems to be no empty seats. So I just sat at the very front. Awkward turtle, since I kept nodding off every minute. That felt like the longest lecture ever.........I had to keep thinking of things to laugh at so that my eyes wouldn't close! Hahaha...
Sucks that its one of those 'interactive' type class meeting lectures... Cause then I can't let my mind wander.. or then BAM! know the drill. Its so weird how every one of them look so SMART. Like, not nerdy smart where they are so nerdy that they don't even know how to talk, but so smart that they always have an answer for everything, so when its like "Any idea why the decrease in infant mortality was so evident in the 21st century?" *everyones hand goes up except Juns* ....I'm not even joking D: i sound exaggerated but really no! not this time :)
Well, i guess i'll have to get smarter, try harder! >:\ and on a side note, sleep earlier.

Blog. What a funny word. Really whoever thought of the word Blog? LOL say it alot and it'll start sounding funny. Blog. LOL. ok-_-
Sigh.. all I want to do is sit here and facebook, msn and blog the whole night.... but I really should get onto all the crap I have to do for uni. By the way, Screw group work! Gosh! Talk about pressure to perform. Like, lets say I don't answer the question awesome, and everyone else did, then it makes me look like a poop, and then they won't like me, and then they won't want to be my friend anymore, which i thought the chicken joke took care of anyways but thankfully not. LOL okthen toodles. poodles.-_-

GLAD I COULD MAKE YOU SMILE. Yes, yes you. You smiled. Just then. NOW!