Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I booked you as my first patient. Too late (:

So my instruments came in like a week ago, how exciting! Just holding them in my hands makes me feel that much more like a real dental student.
Included are some dental probes, mouth mirrors and a couple knives. Ooo, wonder what they're for! Teehee.

On another tooth related note, I went to collect extracted teeth from my dentist, and here is what I came back with. Its pretty interesting, got a couple incisors, a.. molar I think and also some random other one.. Its hard to see from the picture, but the molar at the front is definately the most awesome one, it has three roots! Three! Like a tree :D HAHA which reminds me of how the Singapore kids in my class say 3. Innn-tresss-ting.
Sigh.. but recognising teeth is tough. They all look the same, there are hardly any differences between the ones on the left and right! Gosh. And all the terminology is pretty hard to grasp, I can hardly remember what anything means anymore, all the words are just floating in my head with no meaning.

Things are going well in the Yong-household, haven't had an argument for a while. And thats how I Like it :D My dad bought new pants, and he was fully showing them off!
"I look good don't I, I lost weight didn't I, I look younger right? Yeh, I look cool now." Hahahaha... what an awesome person. So I'm glad things are good for the time being =))
Parents going on holidays soon-ish. Can't wait to go places, be with people and have awesome fun! Not even uni work can bring me down now! I'm like a superjun.

In my tute today, the tutor was like 'not to pick on anyone but Jun, you're too quiet, you need to speak up or you will disturb the group dynamic' or something like that. REALLY NOW? you want me to be loud? I'll be loud-_- I'll talk so much that your ears won't be able to handle that much awesomeness!! But yeh, I think this kind of criticism should motivate me to be more outspoken, and not disturb any kind of dynamic. Or whatever that is.
Its not that I'm quiet, it's just that sometimes I'm having off days. Those days coincide with the days I see my tutor. LOL Coincidence? I THINK NOT.
Enough of my rambling, I'm going to go do something kind of productive :)

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