Thursday, March 24, 2011

FUDGE!! cake. Is nice. But really why don't you try a banana cake? That's nice too. Carrot cake? Ooh..strawberry.

I think, as I get older.. my dad just wants to pick more fights with me. Are you doing it on purpose? Making my life more of a challenge? Well, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. HAHA not really.
But.. what gives you the right to choose who I hang out with. You already control almost every other aspect of my life. I should be happy that they care for me so much? But please. Not this one. Please :\
Communication is the bridge of solution. Or something like that right?
So why is it that when I talk to them, it just turns into a heated argument. For the fear of making things a hundred times worse, I just leave the room. The thing is they don't even say it outright. It's never "That boy looks like he won't treat you right, don't hang out with him". Its always some stupid game, leaving me hints here and there. What is this, a TREASURE HUNT?
Just come out and say it. My dad isn't good with emotions, i guess thats where he's not so perfect.
I think the problem is that he thinks the first boyfriend I have will be the one I marry. Cause I swear as I left the room he was saying 'Just go marry him. Don't even bother studying anymore. Just marry.' I study hard.. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?
Just because my oldest brother has had only one girlfriend, been with her for ten years and is going to get married soon. My parents were each others firsts as well I'm pretty sure. Its sweet and all.. but not everyone is going to find that one person on the first shot.
If that didn't happen to my parents and my brother, I would have thought it was impossible.
Like really, what are the chances.

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