Saturday, March 26, 2011

Talk to me

Blogging to me used to be a way to just, write whatever I want, bitch about insignificant things.. that was before people actually read my blog. Not that alot of people read it now, but I know you're there, you stalkers! :D Jokes, you're awesome. After all, thats what blogging is for. To share the love. (:
So Zhe's 20th was last night. It was fun.. i guess. Apart from Zhen saying that he'd take care of me and drive me home, then a couple hours later finding him sleeping in his car holding a cup of something with the engine turned on and the door un-locked. HAHA, thats the last time i'm relying on him to take me home after a party! But it's all cool, Johnny and Andy were there to take me home. Thanks guys! Got kind of worried as to how I was going to get home before my Dad blew up.
The night was well spent cracking jokes, having a good time, taking care of people and lots and lots of D&Ms. The D&M parts, although helpful was kind of weird. I had people giving me advice on things that I didn't even have a problem with. Which is just awkward cause then I just nod and 'yeh' and then say thankyou for the help. But I have to admit, some of the advice I got from certain people, i really will remember it. I even wrote it down on my hand with someones pen last night. I remember that part cause I just read it on my hand :D smart Jun! Why so smart?

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