Saturday, March 5, 2011

Basement party. In the basement. LOL

So I ended up having an unexpectedly good time last night :)
Met a lot of people although I can't really remember their names... I'm like " Sorry, what's your name?" and after they tell me I have to ask them again. LOL so good jun. I did the jellyfish dance :D HAHHAHAHA just kidding-_- get that image out of your face.
Just one thing though, it was too hot-_- I mean, outside was like a fridge, was so cool and windy. Then inside its just like a sauna. I could practically see girl's faces sliding off. LOL ewww
Some really crazy people in there, it's hard to believe that we're all in dentistry? Well I guess thats what teeth does to ya.
Ended up going for a jog around the block afterwards with Johnny to stop smelling like crap, then sat on a driveway telling each other secrets. Oh johnny, why so many secrets? I swear he's like my girlfriend. :D
So many bloggable 'moments' but I wouldn't want to embarrass him. Hahaha..

Well in order to get my study mode on after 3 months of brain dead-ness, I made myself a schedule for today! That.. i didn't follow.. Oh well, I made a new one.
SO I'm supposed to be starting work in exactly one minute.
I'll talk to you peeps later, got something on my mind i'll share if i remember ;) ooo, exciting.

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