Sunday, March 6, 2011

Week2. Lets go :)

I don't know where I got this line from, but its stuck into my brain now. When it comes to relationships and love, timing is everything?
Wellllllllll if you think about it, it really is true isn't it? I mean, the person you like right now, does he or she like you back?
If so- CON.....GRA....TU...........LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA tions... a celebraaaaaaaaation :D
but if not.. why? Is it cause he/she is already taken..or mabes even can't get over a bad breakup? What if the timing was just really bad, that you two are actually perfect for each other but, because of certain circumstances you can't be with them. How bad would that suck?

But I guess thats just one of those things in life you can't even predict.

Wish I were a fortune teller :D then I'd have lots of fortune cookies!! LOLOL. wattheeff, think i'm going a little hyper :) haha.
Gosh, another thing. Am I annoying? Cause. I certainly feel that way when I talk to certain people. Its like..are you busy? Do you want me to be quiet for a while or...?
Wish I knew what you were thinking.

I certainly am wishing for a lot these days. I'm sorry, people from above. I know you can't grant EVERYONES wishes.

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