Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I google.

Lately its been like, every single word I don't understand goes down on pen on my hand, then i GOOGLE it. Another thing, my hand is almost always covered in writing now, reminding me to google things and do work. Is that poisonous..?
Let's google that.

Well, its apparently a common misconception on one website, but not on others. Well THATS not helpful.. lol.
If I die in a couple months from ink poisoning, you bloggers will know why ;) So.. ever thought of what it'd be like once you're done and dusted?
I'll be honest, it's crossed my mind more than a couple times. Not that I'm all emo or anything, don't get me wrong! I love life at the moment :)
But yeh, its iiiiiin-tress-ting. How awesome would it be, when you die, you can just go to another place- lets call this place Jun-ven. Yeh? Heaven? AHHA get it, yeh you do! Whether you believe in heaven or not, i'll leave that up to you. But for now lets just assume.
So its an awesome place, where you can just chill with everyone that you love. No worries in the world. Wouldn't that be nice.
I'll find out how it is one day in the future, and email you from there. We'll probably be so high-tech that it might be possible :D

Question. Do you have that one person that makes you forget what you were saying, forget all your 'good' jokes, completely forget what you were about to do?
Just putting it out there. (L)

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