Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Om nom nom

So hows you-nee? LOL Uni is alright.. Started yesterday, it's only been two days but it feels like I've been there for a long time. Mabes cause the lectures are so boring and I always seem to be tired D: Haha, I came in late to the last lecture, thanks to SOMEONE, cough jlo..-_- and cause you know, when you come into a room packed full of people, you see a sea of heads, and there seems to be no empty seats. So I just sat at the very front. Awkward turtle, since I kept nodding off every minute. That felt like the longest lecture ever.........I had to keep thinking of things to laugh at so that my eyes wouldn't close! Hahaha...
Sucks that its one of those 'interactive' type class meeting lectures... Cause then I can't let my mind wander.. or then BAM! ..you know the drill. Its so weird how every one of them look so SMART. Like, not nerdy smart where they are so nerdy that they don't even know how to talk, but so smart that they always have an answer for everything, so when its like "Any idea why the decrease in infant mortality was so evident in the 21st century?" *everyones hand goes up except Juns* ....I'm not even joking D: i sound exaggerated but really no! not this time :)
Well, i guess i'll have to get smarter, try harder! >:\ and on a side note, sleep earlier.

Blog. What a funny word. Really whoever thought of the word Blog? LOL say it alot and it'll start sounding funny. Blog. LOL. ok-_-
Sigh.. all I want to do is sit here and facebook, msn and blog the whole night.... but I really should get onto all the crap I have to do for uni. By the way, Screw group work! Gosh! Talk about pressure to perform. Like, lets say I don't answer the question awesome, and everyone else did, then it makes me look like a poop, and then they won't like me, and then they won't want to be my friend anymore, which i thought the chicken joke took care of anyways but thankfully not. LOL okthen toodles. poodles.-_-

GLAD I COULD MAKE YOU SMILE. Yes, yes you. You smiled. Just then. NOW!

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