Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Don't wake me from my dream.

I'm crumbling under this pressure. Like an apple crumble. HAHA. But seriously, my parents! I know they love me so I'm just meh'ing this off. You know, when you have to make a choice that affects your studies, your parents are always there telling you, no, 'Advising' you on what you should and should not do. But last time they were all for me doing dentistry. However today, it felt like they think its not enough.
..haven't I made you proud enough? Obviously not-_-
So what do I do now?
I'll tell you what I'm going to do. TAKE A SHOWER. LOL chh, I smell :)
I'm probs just over-reacting, cause thats how I roll (H)

Today I bought my Frasaco model! Exciting man.. The first time I opened the box and held it, gosh. It made my heart feel good for some reason. Am I falling in love.... with teeth? LOL. Awkward turtle... But yeh It looks pretty cool, and the gums are like jelly! Rubber..ish. I'm going to have so much fun with these :D

Nom nom nom, they feel so REAL. Wish I had nice teeth like that. Instead I have a cross between a dog and a vampire. But I guess thats what makes my face Jun. Jun-dog. hahah I know you love it.
So the teeth made up for the crappy-day-with-no-umbrella. It was pouring! Usuallly I love these days.. But those are the days where I'm at home just chilling like the cool person I am, listening to the rain falling :) But yeh, out in the bucketing rain with no umbrella.. and when you stand waiting for the traffic lights and everyone has an umbrella except yourself, you make them feel awkward cause they're thinking "so do I let you into my umbrella space or...." TELL ME ABOUT IT, awkward turtle to the max! haha next time i'll be prepared. Or be with someone who'll be prepared :)

New song in the side-bar ipod thingo if you're interested. Such a cheerful song, it'll brighten up your day no matter how gloomy-bear :)
I'm feeling awesome today, are you? I don't even know why. Mabes cause I have awesome people in my life. Yes, you! LOL ._.

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