Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just here to talk.. if you want to listen.

What to say.. 8am start tomorrow, not that I'm complaining but thats a PRETTY early time for me.-_- And when the bus gets full and you have to stand up, then a ...round person needs to get off. What do you do? Stuck in quite a dilemma arn't you?

Don't know why but I'm looking forward to uni tomorrow? Even though I haven't done any study, or done anything for that matter over the long weekend-_- chh.. my new years resolution to study hard is quickly going downhill. It's ok, starting tomorow i'll be hardcore nerding it up :)
Mabes because the long weekend was just so boring.. be glad to be going out. Even if it's just to Uni. Atleast I can see people there. Home is lonely..... Especially since I don't see much of my brother anymore! If you're reading this, Qiu, i don't blame you for wanting to spend time with your girlfriend, or having uni, or having to work. I just like to complain :D Plus I miss you. Even though you're in the next room.. we haven't had a real talk in super ages!
I remember Zhen and I would have sleepovers in each others bedrooms, and like just talk until one of us falls asleep. Most of the time I'd tell him TOO MUCH. and then that gives him the power to be all like "do it or i'll tell mum that you're going out with..."
"Give me your DS or i'll tell dad that you like..."
-_- what. LOL but yes, those were the days.

Oh shit.. have to remind myself to buy tickets for dent camp tomorrow.. or i'll be pissing of a few people-_- WHY is it so important that I go to camp? Will it even be that fun? Worth the FIFTY dollars? Ah..the things I could do with fifty. I just..... don't want to go and socialise. Call me a hermit but cereally,-_- the things I do to please people. fifty dollars. Thats a good friendship.

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