Monday, August 29, 2011

Oh hot dayumm.

This is my jayum. Jam? Jam with.... butter. Peanut butter and jam. Peanut butter and jam on bread. Peanut butter and jam on toast? Peanut butter and jam in a sandwich!? WHAT!? ITS PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!?!??!?!

I actually haven't tried it before. Cause you know, not too crazy about jam, and peanut butter is meeehhh... But one day son.. one day. One day I'll check out what the hype is all about.

Would you be.. the peanut butter... to my jelly? LOL
OH GOSHHHHH i'm so ... retarded some times. And don't think I don't know it. You don't have to tell me that I'm acting retarded, cause I KNOW IT. Pfft. It's like telling that Jamaican dude that he has a strong Jamaican accent. LEAVE ME ALONE. :'(

Just sitting here, waiting for the people in my group to send me their work so I can compile the piece of crap together. LOLOL. Sitting, waiting, wishing. Trying to find things to entertain me.. so obviously I come here.
I think.. I've once again got to the point where I'm playing too much badminton. I promised myself not to go tonight.. but what do ya know!? I can't help it. It called to me. It was all like 'jun.. come play..' and yeh. I went to play. Sigh..
Exams in 2 months, not that I'm worrying about it just yet, but I seriously hated having to learn everything in the last 2 weeks last semester. Was not good for my brain at all. Now I have to relearn everything I forgot from last semester.. and thats like everything. WHY la..
But thats okay. I'll get it done.. No more distractions, you see? Except for badminton. Making my arms all massive and tanky. D: Reeeooowwwww!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm still young, there's plenty of time.

Thinking about how willing I was to hold onto something that I knew wouldn't last, just goes to show how immature I am, and proves that I am obviously not strong enough and definitely not ready for a relationship.

In other news, I saw a shooting star on Tuesday night. Too bad though, because I was so shocked that I forgot to wish something! Gah, once in a lifetime chance gone just like Poof! Haha.. Although maybe it was good that I didn't stop to put my hands together for a wish. Otherwise, car crash-part 2 did you say? LOL.
Not that I believe wishes come true. Every year I wish for something on my birthday and it has never once come true. Maybe because I always wish for something ridiculous, like for my whole family, relatives and cousins inclusive to live for a hundred years. Haha.. stupid wish obviously.
Other times I'd wish for some dude to fall in love with me ;) But yeh.
I guess wishing things on birthday candles, shooting stars and everytime we catch the time at 11:11, just brings abit of hope into our lives. Good feeling (Y).
OH actually, I did once wish that I passed the umat, and that part did come true. Maybe wishes arn't such a load of crap afterall :)
People say 'You should stop saying I wish, and start saying I will.' EASIER SAID THAN DONE, old chap.

I'm actually doing some study on Saturdays for a change. Usually I'd wake up around this time of the afternoon, watch some youtube, surf the web (on my surfboard HAHAHA), do the usual facebook stalking and then go back to sleep after eating something. LOLOL. Tis the life. Not really. BUT NOT THIS SATURDAY. This saturday is different :) This saturday is the beginning of every other awesome saturday to come. What the jizzle am I sayinggg, I think I'm going a little loopy. Like skipping ropes. Gah, I hate those skipping ropes that are made out of gay stuff like wool. Goes all loopy and then trips me over twice as much.
I used to love skipping :'(

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Bye bye to David Kwan!! We'll miss you alot alot laaa! Although you can't see this post, I still wish you all the best for the future :)
This guy, got totally smashed tonight, could barely stand.
Had a good time tonight, bondage with all the baddy people...too bad one certain vietnamese boyfriend couldn't go, MISSED YOU SO MUCH, POOP! Hope you had a fun time waitering. Haha.. Tonight was I think the second time I trained on a Saturday night, it was heaps good, I must admit. Excluding the pushups and stuff.. cause everyone knows I can't even do ONE man pushup. Gah.. embarrassing. BUT still, was a good training session. The first time I went I think I was like 14, got absolutely smashed by the session, couldn't breathe by the end of it. HAhahaha.. unfit to the maaax!

Stayed in the social centre until maybe.. 1:30am, before parents rang and raged through the phone.. ahh.. I shouldn't have stayed til so late.. Sorry Zhen, made you stay with me.
SO we both got a telling off before bed.. sigh.
No more partying for a month or so I guess. Which is a good thing. Cause this is getting out of CONTROL!! Specially with all this -ending up in hospital- business! :P just kidding. ♥

To my cousin, I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to your house tonight.. parent issues and such. I'll be there tomorrow morning to eat your cake, I promise.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Move in a little closer.

I could sit here reminiscing about the past, but that's not going to solve anything- is it.
Everything that's happened, or that hasn't happened.. nothing is going to reverse that. So,what to do?
What brought on these retarded feelings? A video that taken not too long ago, smiling at it cause it happened, knowing that you made me feel that way, but frowning cause it'll never happen again.
But I just realised.. me sitting here writing this post, with you sitting there not knowing what in the world I'm going on about.. there's no point in that either, is there.

Eat some potatoes. That's what I'll do.. Cause potatoes gonna potate.
Oh yeh, looks like I'm not going to the afterparty for dent ball anymore.. Cause the ham sup David kwan is leaving us to Hongkong.. FOREVER D:
Well, that's unfortunate. LOL. but cereally, sadface :(
Ps. today I had 'food poisoning' and couldn't go to that class meeting. LOL. wooops.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swan Face

Yeh I watched bits of black swan. I didn't want to watch all of it cause I was alone at home.. and shit happens when you're alone at home. A stranger might call. LOL scary.
So I was fast forwarding through the movie, and ofcourse you'd stop at the interesting scenes. Uh huh, You know what I mean ;) Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow (H). Hahaha..
Let me just say that.. its so messed up and twisted..... I think if I watched it all I may be scarred for life. LOL. However you'd probably like it if you were a dude, cause there are naice sexy scenes in it. Messed up. Yeh. But Sexy. With a capital S. ;)
MILA KUNIS. is in it. Just saying. You know, that chick from Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Awesome sauce to the max.

Sigh. Want to restart this year again. A fresh start. And I'd know exactly how I'd do everything, the people I'd choose to hang with, the problems I'd have to solve. And ofcourse, what not to do.
So many stupid situations I could have avoided, If I were just a tad smarter.
But whatever, I'm stuck now and yeh. I'll just have to find a way to unstick myself and waddle away. 'And then he waddled away. waddle waddle~'
Go Youtube 'The Duck Song'.
You'll know what I mean-
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yell-.. I'll stop now. Sleep, young child.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss me at all?

What would you personally consider as Cheating?
Recently found out that one of my friends cheated on his girlfriend, and she still doesn't know. Not that its any of my business.
So what is cheating to you? Even just LIKING another, having some kind of emotional attachment but not acting on it, would that be a form of cheating?
Or does it need to be more serious than that, actually acting upon these feelings and having physical contact. Kiss kiss, winkadoodle and more. LOL.
If you've ever been dumped because the other person said that he/she likes someone else *raises hand*.. You can't exactly go around telling people the reason behind the break up was because 'he cheated on me'. Although if you think about it, the guy has cheated emotionally, and therefore- cheated.
Oh man, the word cheated is starting to sound weird. Why cheated? Because its like Cheetah? And cheetahs are fast at running away, and thats why they are cheaters. LOL-_- dude. shut up.
AAANNNDDD I be off to bed.

Take a picture of me with a Kodak

And then grab some-bow-dee sexy, tell 'em Hey, Give me everything tonight ♥
Just finished up on an assignment, feeling good. But then, there is Uni tomorrow.. Sigh. Mega sigh. Waking up at 7am.. Let me tell you that I am definately not a morning person. Lucky theres badminton afterwards to lift my spirits :)
Still, much to do before I hit the sack. Just remembered that I left a pile of my laundry in the dryer.. I shall be folding for the next half hour or so..

You can probably guess that I'm not the neatest person in the world. Hahah.. I used to be though, my room used to always be clean, not a thing out of place. What happened, you ask? YOU happened. Haha just kidding. I think the move into a smaller bedroom is the reason, because of the limited space, there is no place to store things. So.. my clothes go unfolded on the chair, sprawled on the floor and along my bed. But then again, what is the point in making the bed every morning? I'm just going to mess it up again at night anyways! Probably even before then, if you count the many naps I have at every chance I get. Lololol.. Ps, Learnt how to use the settings on my phone! BAhahaha, genius I am, hence the polaroid-type photos.

Went to visit the building of our new house in Rostrevor, yes we're moving back! Haha, Rostrevor is a nice place to live. Not that I ever talk to the neighbours or anything, but it's were I spent all of my highschool years. Memoriesssss!~ all alone in the moooonlight- ok i'll stop-_-

Nom nom nom nom, Looking guuuud, very exciting. Can't wait to move. But then again, that would mean moving away from Simon, Johnny and Elysia :( noooo. sadness.
Got my summons today, looks like I'll be going to court on the 8th of September. Care to join me? LOL. hope I won't be scared shitless up on the stage. I probably will be. I'll probaly say Not guilty instead of Guilty. HAHA.. better write the words "GUILTY" on my hand, just incase :\ Sigh. Wonder how big the fine is. *tear* my centrelink money..

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quite the eventful night/early morning.

I spent last night with two different groups of friends, celebrating my be-lated 18th. It was awesome. Sigh.. I would love to re-tell all the things that happened last night, but because I'm just that lazy.. I won't. Hahaha.. okay okay. I'll make an effort. Just for you ladies ;)
So I started off shopping with my two dent friends Viv and Shannon, we went for dinner, then they bought me my first legal drink. Bahhahah.. guess what I had. I had a hoegarden. GARDEN full of hoes. HAHAHA hilarious, I know.

We went for dessert, and then my brother's friend rings me telling me that Zhen passed out outside on the floor, and that I'd better come and get him. LOL. what a douche. Who the hell drinks so much and passes out before 9pm? Zhen does. Please people, know your limits :\
By the time I got there, ambulance had arrived, and he was taken to the hospital. Whoever called the ambulance.. Thanks, but really!? That cost us like $600. Sheesh, lol just let him sleep it off. But I guess I felt safer knowing that there were doctors around, just in case. Cute doctors ;) Nah, just one. But nevertheless.
So our parents, although reacted more calmly than I had expected, don't trust him anymore. I'm surprised that my parents let me go out after that episode. But then again, I told them that my cousin would be there, so all was good. Because Zhen aaaaalmost wasted my night, I think it's time for some hospital happy snaps that I'll definately bring up when he turns 21. Oh so embarrassing. Let me add that the doctors kept laughing at his 'I facebooked your mum' shirt. Kudos to me, who picked it out for him :D

Ofcourse, I wasn't going to let Zhen being a retard get in the way of my celebrations! HAHAh. Went out with badminton people.. lost $20 at the casino playing on those stupid pokie machines.. ==. No beginner's luck for me..Twenty bucks could have been my meals for the day. Oh well, wasn't my money anywho. Ahh, the joys of being the birthday girl :)
Walked around town, visited a few bars and clubs, before stopping at Lavish and then dancing our toes off. Oh man, not to be racist or anything.. but in front of me there was this fatty abo woman dirty dancing with a white boy. HAHAHA Beer goggles for the win, young man. Well played. *shudders*
It was like 5am before I finally got home, lucky duck that my parents were asleep, and that I'm such a ninja. phew. But I don't think I should ever do that again, after the 'trust' talk with my parents.. Guilty fever.
Oh dayum, I feel kind of bad.. In highschool I know I said that I'd never be the one to go to clubs, and I said that I would never touch alcohol. Haha, well you know.. hungry hungry hippo!
Thanks to everyone who made my night.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


My new bestfriend, pikapoo. HAHA right? Pikachu? Pikapoo?.. okay. But anywho. Just by looking at it's face i can see that he thinks he's top shit. SO WHAT if you were like the first pokemon ever invented? Just cause you follow Ash around with your tiny fat legs. So not cool.
But i guess.. he's pretty cute. And a good study buddy.
FAAAAAARK, Its so late and I've only just started my tute.. two hours ago I was on the same question. Question one.
Naturally I got bored and fed up, being the productive person I am, I just fell asleep for a while, woke up and then had a photoshoot with the new addition to my soft toy collection.

Just to clarify, the spoon smelled like yogurt and was just there on my bedside table. Okay, that doesn't really clarify. And so here i am now..sitting on my bed with my laptop and paper all over the blanket wondering how I ever got any study done last semester.

Scares me how competitive parents get when talking to other parents about their children.. I mean, I don't know if my parents realised how they're just subtly 'letting it slip' that maybe their daughter in dent got offered med, or their eldest son passed the GAMSAT or that their middle child is a gun at badminton. Like fo' shizzle my nizzle... although something we should be proud of, it feels embarrassing when the parents jazz everything up, making us seem so much better than we actually are. Just thinking that I hope I don't do that to my future/maybe not really child/children. Haha..

So I'm not going to dent ball after all.. I WAS excited about going last semester.. but now I don't really feel it. Maybe its because of the ridiculous pricing, or because I don't want to have to go out and buy another dress. or because the winter weight has got me self-conscious. LOL just kidding. But then again, there will be more balls to go to :) Where my Prince will sweep me off my feet and take me downtown. To Chinatown. HAHA.

OH! just looked at the date, Happy 5months, homo! hard to believe its already been five months, so much has changed. Okay.. back to my tute..

Monday, August 8, 2011


Is what my cousin calls me now. Cause I'm permanently retarded. HAHA rearry, am I? :) Turned 18 yesterday, it was a very quiet birthday, spent the day at Lockleys for the SA open. What a way to celebrate. haha.. was fun, although now it feels like every muscle in my body hurts. Boohoo? NO.
I know I'm going to regret not doing something for my 18th, but I guess there will be other birthdays. Gah, hate all the organising and planning and crap! Just not my thing.
Part of me feels disappointed that it was such a quiet day, I mean last year I told myself that I'd throw a party no matter what. And yeh, thaaat didn't happen. Just your average Sunday.
GOT A NEW PHONE THOUGH, which is awesomesauce. Although it IS just a tad too high tech for me :\ LOL I don't know how to use half the things on there.. and still getting used to the whole touch screen thing.
Guess I should insert some happy snaps somewhere here..
Mum also bought durian to eat with the cake :D HAHA definately made my day.

Ahh.. ruv my family so much. If you think about it, they're the only ones that will always be there for you no matter what happens. They can't leave you even if they wanted to! Haha.. Unlike heaps of other people in our lives, not saying that my friends arn't awesome, but there is only so much a friend can do to support you. After all they have their own lives to live too right? Even the best of friends can't be there to listen to every single little problem you have, and be available to give you a shoulder to cry on. But I can always count on my mum, dad and brothers :) Haha so sappy. Could I BE anymore cheesy?

So.. party next year? HAHA. Mabes.

Enough about me, Happy Birthday Johnny Lo. :) Hope you had a great one, and thanks for inviting us to eat with you on your 21st! ♥ Just saying, you are one ballsy guy to walk that waitress home. Even if she did live only a few minutes away. A little creepy but still, Proud of you, son! Haha. Now to see if the number she gave you was legit or not ;)
Ps. Sorry I started acting a tad spaced out towards the end! My bad :\

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part two.

Basement party in the basement, cause.. where else would you have a basement party? Hahaha funny one, you are. Was Fun. With a capital F. and you know what else starts with an F? Fan. Everyone keeps paying me out about last basement party, when I started dancing infront of the huge fan. IT WAS HOT, OKAY!? LOL. Just imagining me doing that right now.. Facepalm. WHY did I do that? Gah. Anywho.. quite a lot of people dressed up, but there were heaps that didn't so it's all cool. Coolbeans :) I look like a tard in all of the pictures, not even joking. Next time I'll stay away from the camera... far, far away. Haha..

As you can see, this group didn't put any effort into the theme at all, AND THATS HOW WE ROLL, BISH!
Ah.. why so pale. People been commenting recently on how pale I am. 'Why are you so pale?', they ask. How do I know-_- born with this amount of awesomeness. Can't help it ;) Hot topic with me, I know. Spring and summer should come faster. So I don't look like such a pale noob. FAAARDGE. I had something cool to blog about for once. But now I can't remember. Shizzle my nizzle.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Did someone say Apricot?

Making you hungry, am I? HAHA well too bad, I ate it. >:D Fatty boom boom. Oh man, getting fatter since I've stopped u19 training. Gah. Got to get back into shaaape. Not that I was ever in much of a shape in the first place. But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.-_- hahaa..
Went to Pancake Kitchen tonight, obviously- My sexy cousin turns the big 3-0 today. Whao. I wonder what I'll be doing when I'm 30. Hopefully by then done something worth telling my little grandkids about. Then they'll be all like 'I have the coolest most awesome sauce grandma in the world!'. Yeee.. I remember in highschool I told my bestfriend that as soon as we get ourselves boyfriends, we'd go to pancake kitchen and have a double date. That has yet to happen. For many different reasons. HAHA.. what a fail whale. I guess it's just another thing I'll have to do before I turn 30. Lol.. Highschool. Wasn't long ago at all, but I miss it so badly. I mean, loving the freedom that uni gets me, but if I could, I'd definately go back to highschool and cherish it more. Every moment that I could spend with all 7 of us. Now when we meet up, we always seem to be missing one girl for one reason or the other. It's just not the same, ya know?


He's SINGLE, people!
Hahaha.. sometimes I wonder why he's still single. Maybe its a choice. Cause seriously, how could you not love that face? HAHAHA.. hope he doesn't read this ._.

Ps. Just realised that today is August. Aug-asm. LOLOLOL. HAHAHA stop laughing, stop laughing :) Um, yeh. And it's my 100th blogpost! Weeooweoo.. Not that it's anything significant or anything, but gosh, I must be a genius, thinking up so much bullshit to fill 100posts. Be proud of me! I suppose I doooo post a little too often.. but hey. No one told you to read laaaaaa.
Peace out, brussel sprouts.