Monday, August 15, 2011

Take a picture of me with a Kodak

And then grab some-bow-dee sexy, tell 'em Hey, Give me everything tonight ♥
Just finished up on an assignment, feeling good. But then, there is Uni tomorrow.. Sigh. Mega sigh. Waking up at 7am.. Let me tell you that I am definately not a morning person. Lucky theres badminton afterwards to lift my spirits :)
Still, much to do before I hit the sack. Just remembered that I left a pile of my laundry in the dryer.. I shall be folding for the next half hour or so..

You can probably guess that I'm not the neatest person in the world. Hahah.. I used to be though, my room used to always be clean, not a thing out of place. What happened, you ask? YOU happened. Haha just kidding. I think the move into a smaller bedroom is the reason, because of the limited space, there is no place to store things. So.. my clothes go unfolded on the chair, sprawled on the floor and along my bed. But then again, what is the point in making the bed every morning? I'm just going to mess it up again at night anyways! Probably even before then, if you count the many naps I have at every chance I get. Lololol.. Ps, Learnt how to use the settings on my phone! BAhahaha, genius I am, hence the polaroid-type photos.

Went to visit the building of our new house in Rostrevor, yes we're moving back! Haha, Rostrevor is a nice place to live. Not that I ever talk to the neighbours or anything, but it's were I spent all of my highschool years. Memoriesssss!~ all alone in the moooonlight- ok i'll stop-_-

Nom nom nom nom, Looking guuuud, very exciting. Can't wait to move. But then again, that would mean moving away from Simon, Johnny and Elysia :( noooo. sadness.
Got my summons today, looks like I'll be going to court on the 8th of September. Care to join me? LOL. hope I won't be scared shitless up on the stage. I probably will be. I'll probaly say Not guilty instead of Guilty. HAHA.. better write the words "GUILTY" on my hand, just incase :\ Sigh. Wonder how big the fine is. *tear* my centrelink money..

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