Thursday, August 18, 2011

Swan Face

Yeh I watched bits of black swan. I didn't want to watch all of it cause I was alone at home.. and shit happens when you're alone at home. A stranger might call. LOL scary.
So I was fast forwarding through the movie, and ofcourse you'd stop at the interesting scenes. Uh huh, You know what I mean ;) Black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow, black and yellow (H). Hahaha..
Let me just say that.. its so messed up and twisted..... I think if I watched it all I may be scarred for life. LOL. However you'd probably like it if you were a dude, cause there are naice sexy scenes in it. Messed up. Yeh. But Sexy. With a capital S. ;)
MILA KUNIS. is in it. Just saying. You know, that chick from Forgetting Sarah Marshall? Awesome sauce to the max.

Sigh. Want to restart this year again. A fresh start. And I'd know exactly how I'd do everything, the people I'd choose to hang with, the problems I'd have to solve. And ofcourse, what not to do.
So many stupid situations I could have avoided, If I were just a tad smarter.
But whatever, I'm stuck now and yeh. I'll just have to find a way to unstick myself and waddle away. 'And then he waddled away. waddle waddle~'
Go Youtube 'The Duck Song'.
You'll know what I mean-
Black and yellow black and yellow black and yell-.. I'll stop now. Sleep, young child.

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