Friday, August 19, 2011

Move in a little closer.

I could sit here reminiscing about the past, but that's not going to solve anything- is it.
Everything that's happened, or that hasn't happened.. nothing is going to reverse that. So,what to do?
What brought on these retarded feelings? A video that taken not too long ago, smiling at it cause it happened, knowing that you made me feel that way, but frowning cause it'll never happen again.
But I just realised.. me sitting here writing this post, with you sitting there not knowing what in the world I'm going on about.. there's no point in that either, is there.

Eat some potatoes. That's what I'll do.. Cause potatoes gonna potate.
Oh yeh, looks like I'm not going to the afterparty for dent ball anymore.. Cause the ham sup David kwan is leaving us to Hongkong.. FOREVER D:
Well, that's unfortunate. LOL. but cereally, sadface :(
Ps. today I had 'food poisoning' and couldn't go to that class meeting. LOL. wooops.

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