Monday, August 1, 2011

Did someone say Apricot?

Making you hungry, am I? HAHA well too bad, I ate it. >:D Fatty boom boom. Oh man, getting fatter since I've stopped u19 training. Gah. Got to get back into shaaape. Not that I was ever in much of a shape in the first place. But YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.-_- hahaa..
Went to Pancake Kitchen tonight, obviously- My sexy cousin turns the big 3-0 today. Whao. I wonder what I'll be doing when I'm 30. Hopefully by then done something worth telling my little grandkids about. Then they'll be all like 'I have the coolest most awesome sauce grandma in the world!'. Yeee.. I remember in highschool I told my bestfriend that as soon as we get ourselves boyfriends, we'd go to pancake kitchen and have a double date. That has yet to happen. For many different reasons. HAHA.. what a fail whale. I guess it's just another thing I'll have to do before I turn 30. Lol.. Highschool. Wasn't long ago at all, but I miss it so badly. I mean, loving the freedom that uni gets me, but if I could, I'd definately go back to highschool and cherish it more. Every moment that I could spend with all 7 of us. Now when we meet up, we always seem to be missing one girl for one reason or the other. It's just not the same, ya know?


He's SINGLE, people!
Hahaha.. sometimes I wonder why he's still single. Maybe its a choice. Cause seriously, how could you not love that face? HAHAHA.. hope he doesn't read this ._.

Ps. Just realised that today is August. Aug-asm. LOLOLOL. HAHAHA stop laughing, stop laughing :) Um, yeh. And it's my 100th blogpost! Weeooweoo.. Not that it's anything significant or anything, but gosh, I must be a genius, thinking up so much bullshit to fill 100posts. Be proud of me! I suppose I doooo post a little too often.. but hey. No one told you to read laaaaaa.
Peace out, brussel sprouts.

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  1. i like your blog :) those pancakes look so good @.@
    i followed so i hpe you follow back :)