Monday, August 15, 2011

Miss me at all?

What would you personally consider as Cheating?
Recently found out that one of my friends cheated on his girlfriend, and she still doesn't know. Not that its any of my business.
So what is cheating to you? Even just LIKING another, having some kind of emotional attachment but not acting on it, would that be a form of cheating?
Or does it need to be more serious than that, actually acting upon these feelings and having physical contact. Kiss kiss, winkadoodle and more. LOL.
If you've ever been dumped because the other person said that he/she likes someone else *raises hand*.. You can't exactly go around telling people the reason behind the break up was because 'he cheated on me'. Although if you think about it, the guy has cheated emotionally, and therefore- cheated.
Oh man, the word cheated is starting to sound weird. Why cheated? Because its like Cheetah? And cheetahs are fast at running away, and thats why they are cheaters. LOL-_- dude. shut up.
AAANNNDDD I be off to bed.

1 comment:

  1. haha the cheatah thing was actually really clever :D it makes sense
    i've also been dumped for that reason :( it sucks... but i consider liking someone else to be cheating too,
    but what i think counts as cheating is if they act on it, like flirting and sending pictures, and of course kissing and so on... i hate that stuff :(