Sunday, August 21, 2011


Bye bye to David Kwan!! We'll miss you alot alot laaa! Although you can't see this post, I still wish you all the best for the future :)
This guy, got totally smashed tonight, could barely stand.
Had a good time tonight, bondage with all the baddy people...too bad one certain vietnamese boyfriend couldn't go, MISSED YOU SO MUCH, POOP! Hope you had a fun time waitering. Haha.. Tonight was I think the second time I trained on a Saturday night, it was heaps good, I must admit. Excluding the pushups and stuff.. cause everyone knows I can't even do ONE man pushup. Gah.. embarrassing. BUT still, was a good training session. The first time I went I think I was like 14, got absolutely smashed by the session, couldn't breathe by the end of it. HAhahaha.. unfit to the maaax!

Stayed in the social centre until maybe.. 1:30am, before parents rang and raged through the phone.. ahh.. I shouldn't have stayed til so late.. Sorry Zhen, made you stay with me.
SO we both got a telling off before bed.. sigh.
No more partying for a month or so I guess. Which is a good thing. Cause this is getting out of CONTROL!! Specially with all this -ending up in hospital- business! :P just kidding. ♥

To my cousin, I'm sorry that I couldn't make it to your house tonight.. parent issues and such. I'll be there tomorrow morning to eat your cake, I promise.

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