Thursday, August 11, 2011


My new bestfriend, pikapoo. HAHA right? Pikachu? Pikapoo?.. okay. But anywho. Just by looking at it's face i can see that he thinks he's top shit. SO WHAT if you were like the first pokemon ever invented? Just cause you follow Ash around with your tiny fat legs. So not cool.
But i guess.. he's pretty cute. And a good study buddy.
FAAAAAARK, Its so late and I've only just started my tute.. two hours ago I was on the same question. Question one.
Naturally I got bored and fed up, being the productive person I am, I just fell asleep for a while, woke up and then had a photoshoot with the new addition to my soft toy collection.

Just to clarify, the spoon smelled like yogurt and was just there on my bedside table. Okay, that doesn't really clarify. And so here i am now..sitting on my bed with my laptop and paper all over the blanket wondering how I ever got any study done last semester.

Scares me how competitive parents get when talking to other parents about their children.. I mean, I don't know if my parents realised how they're just subtly 'letting it slip' that maybe their daughter in dent got offered med, or their eldest son passed the GAMSAT or that their middle child is a gun at badminton. Like fo' shizzle my nizzle... although something we should be proud of, it feels embarrassing when the parents jazz everything up, making us seem so much better than we actually are. Just thinking that I hope I don't do that to my future/maybe not really child/children. Haha..

So I'm not going to dent ball after all.. I WAS excited about going last semester.. but now I don't really feel it. Maybe its because of the ridiculous pricing, or because I don't want to have to go out and buy another dress. or because the winter weight has got me self-conscious. LOL just kidding. But then again, there will be more balls to go to :) Where my Prince will sweep me off my feet and take me downtown. To Chinatown. HAHA.

OH! just looked at the date, Happy 5months, homo! hard to believe its already been five months, so much has changed. Okay.. back to my tute..

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