Monday, August 8, 2011


Is what my cousin calls me now. Cause I'm permanently retarded. HAHA rearry, am I? :) Turned 18 yesterday, it was a very quiet birthday, spent the day at Lockleys for the SA open. What a way to celebrate. haha.. was fun, although now it feels like every muscle in my body hurts. Boohoo? NO.
I know I'm going to regret not doing something for my 18th, but I guess there will be other birthdays. Gah, hate all the organising and planning and crap! Just not my thing.
Part of me feels disappointed that it was such a quiet day, I mean last year I told myself that I'd throw a party no matter what. And yeh, thaaat didn't happen. Just your average Sunday.
GOT A NEW PHONE THOUGH, which is awesomesauce. Although it IS just a tad too high tech for me :\ LOL I don't know how to use half the things on there.. and still getting used to the whole touch screen thing.
Guess I should insert some happy snaps somewhere here..
Mum also bought durian to eat with the cake :D HAHA definately made my day.

Ahh.. ruv my family so much. If you think about it, they're the only ones that will always be there for you no matter what happens. They can't leave you even if they wanted to! Haha.. Unlike heaps of other people in our lives, not saying that my friends arn't awesome, but there is only so much a friend can do to support you. After all they have their own lives to live too right? Even the best of friends can't be there to listen to every single little problem you have, and be available to give you a shoulder to cry on. But I can always count on my mum, dad and brothers :) Haha so sappy. Could I BE anymore cheesy?

So.. party next year? HAHA. Mabes.

Enough about me, Happy Birthday Johnny Lo. :) Hope you had a great one, and thanks for inviting us to eat with you on your 21st! ♥ Just saying, you are one ballsy guy to walk that waitress home. Even if she did live only a few minutes away. A little creepy but still, Proud of you, son! Haha. Now to see if the number she gave you was legit or not ;)
Ps. Sorry I started acting a tad spaced out towards the end! My bad :\

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