Saturday, August 27, 2011

I'm still young, there's plenty of time.

Thinking about how willing I was to hold onto something that I knew wouldn't last, just goes to show how immature I am, and proves that I am obviously not strong enough and definitely not ready for a relationship.

In other news, I saw a shooting star on Tuesday night. Too bad though, because I was so shocked that I forgot to wish something! Gah, once in a lifetime chance gone just like Poof! Haha.. Although maybe it was good that I didn't stop to put my hands together for a wish. Otherwise, car crash-part 2 did you say? LOL.
Not that I believe wishes come true. Every year I wish for something on my birthday and it has never once come true. Maybe because I always wish for something ridiculous, like for my whole family, relatives and cousins inclusive to live for a hundred years. Haha.. stupid wish obviously.
Other times I'd wish for some dude to fall in love with me ;) But yeh.
I guess wishing things on birthday candles, shooting stars and everytime we catch the time at 11:11, just brings abit of hope into our lives. Good feeling (Y).
OH actually, I did once wish that I passed the umat, and that part did come true. Maybe wishes arn't such a load of crap afterall :)
People say 'You should stop saying I wish, and start saying I will.' EASIER SAID THAN DONE, old chap.

I'm actually doing some study on Saturdays for a change. Usually I'd wake up around this time of the afternoon, watch some youtube, surf the web (on my surfboard HAHAHA), do the usual facebook stalking and then go back to sleep after eating something. LOLOL. Tis the life. Not really. BUT NOT THIS SATURDAY. This saturday is different :) This saturday is the beginning of every other awesome saturday to come. What the jizzle am I sayinggg, I think I'm going a little loopy. Like skipping ropes. Gah, I hate those skipping ropes that are made out of gay stuff like wool. Goes all loopy and then trips me over twice as much.
I used to love skipping :'(

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