Saturday, August 13, 2011

Quite the eventful night/early morning.

I spent last night with two different groups of friends, celebrating my be-lated 18th. It was awesome. Sigh.. I would love to re-tell all the things that happened last night, but because I'm just that lazy.. I won't. Hahaha.. okay okay. I'll make an effort. Just for you ladies ;)
So I started off shopping with my two dent friends Viv and Shannon, we went for dinner, then they bought me my first legal drink. Bahhahah.. guess what I had. I had a hoegarden. GARDEN full of hoes. HAHAHA hilarious, I know.

We went for dessert, and then my brother's friend rings me telling me that Zhen passed out outside on the floor, and that I'd better come and get him. LOL. what a douche. Who the hell drinks so much and passes out before 9pm? Zhen does. Please people, know your limits :\
By the time I got there, ambulance had arrived, and he was taken to the hospital. Whoever called the ambulance.. Thanks, but really!? That cost us like $600. Sheesh, lol just let him sleep it off. But I guess I felt safer knowing that there were doctors around, just in case. Cute doctors ;) Nah, just one. But nevertheless.
So our parents, although reacted more calmly than I had expected, don't trust him anymore. I'm surprised that my parents let me go out after that episode. But then again, I told them that my cousin would be there, so all was good. Because Zhen aaaaalmost wasted my night, I think it's time for some hospital happy snaps that I'll definately bring up when he turns 21. Oh so embarrassing. Let me add that the doctors kept laughing at his 'I facebooked your mum' shirt. Kudos to me, who picked it out for him :D

Ofcourse, I wasn't going to let Zhen being a retard get in the way of my celebrations! HAHAh. Went out with badminton people.. lost $20 at the casino playing on those stupid pokie machines.. ==. No beginner's luck for me..Twenty bucks could have been my meals for the day. Oh well, wasn't my money anywho. Ahh, the joys of being the birthday girl :)
Walked around town, visited a few bars and clubs, before stopping at Lavish and then dancing our toes off. Oh man, not to be racist or anything.. but in front of me there was this fatty abo woman dirty dancing with a white boy. HAHAHA Beer goggles for the win, young man. Well played. *shudders*
It was like 5am before I finally got home, lucky duck that my parents were asleep, and that I'm such a ninja. phew. But I don't think I should ever do that again, after the 'trust' talk with my parents.. Guilty fever.
Oh dayum, I feel kind of bad.. In highschool I know I said that I'd never be the one to go to clubs, and I said that I would never touch alcohol. Haha, well you know.. hungry hungry hippo!
Thanks to everyone who made my night.

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