Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part two.

Basement party in the basement, cause.. where else would you have a basement party? Hahaha funny one, you are. Was Fun. With a capital F. and you know what else starts with an F? Fan. Everyone keeps paying me out about last basement party, when I started dancing infront of the huge fan. IT WAS HOT, OKAY!? LOL. Just imagining me doing that right now.. Facepalm. WHY did I do that? Gah. Anywho.. quite a lot of people dressed up, but there were heaps that didn't so it's all cool. Coolbeans :) I look like a tard in all of the pictures, not even joking. Next time I'll stay away from the camera... far, far away. Haha..

As you can see, this group didn't put any effort into the theme at all, AND THATS HOW WE ROLL, BISH!
Ah.. why so pale. People been commenting recently on how pale I am. 'Why are you so pale?', they ask. How do I know-_- born with this amount of awesomeness. Can't help it ;) Hot topic with me, I know. Spring and summer should come faster. So I don't look like such a pale noob. FAAARDGE. I had something cool to blog about for once. But now I can't remember. Shizzle my nizzle.

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