Friday, November 25, 2011

Tis the time to be jelly.

Blogging off my phone at Elysia's house.. lol why? cause my new house hasn't got internet yet! *sadface* been so busy the past week.. moving in was not a good experience. so much to move! plus floorboards to lay.. and blinds to put up. glad that its all over, but cause of all the moving I haven't had anytime to be with my friends before I leave to Taiwan and Malaysia on Saturday :( sigh. I guess this is a quick update before I go back to having no internet
shall see you all in a month! don't miss me too much ;)

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Looks like I'll just have to own you.

So I've an additional session of clinic on Friday. I'll be there from 9:15- 4:15, with an hour break inbetween. Sheesh, its' like a six hour assessment. Hardcore. Oh, just found out that she borderlined 4 out of 6 people in our group. Just wtf? And I'm expecting that only 5 people in the whole course got borderlines. Betch be hating. I'll just go with 'she's jealous of our youth, that old carrot top.' Although it does make me feel alot better, seeing as I wasn't the only one, and that maybe it really is just cause she's nazi.
So tomorrow I shall be studying hard for it, I will. I'm thinking that if I just rack up the confidence that I'll do awesome, I'll do awesome. Time to show them how 'Satisfactory' I am. Mind over matter, people. So instead of being all crummy and down in the self-esteem section like if have been the past few days, positive thinking ftw :)

We've started moving in to our new house, it's almost complete. Minus the flooring and the blinds/curtains. My dad, being the handy-man he is, wants to do it himself. I guess it'll make the house just that bit more special :)

Yo, random-baby-that-I-dig. *no pedo*

I've been started piano-ing again, after a long time of .. not-playing. lol. I remember when piano used to be a sure-fire way of picking up chicks in high school. At lunch times we'd go down to the piano room near the gym and play a couple pieces, then watch guys show off. Haha.. anywho, while I was on the piano today I started thinking about.. like everything. People, things, places, badminton, studying.. Yup, I was playing for a lonnnng time. Haha. But yeh, even with my now rusty skills, I had forgotten how it used to feel and how much I used to THINK about things while playing. Just having time to yourself..subconsciously re-evaluating your life.
..So much to re-evaluate.

Monday, November 14, 2011


Well, I never thought that I'd be in this situation, but somehow I managed to.
Maybe I'm not cut out for the dental profession. Either that or she just dislikes me.
I'm really hoping the latter. Looking on the 'bright' side, she has been known to fail countless students. I guess she's living up to her name. Thats why everyone is so scared of her, and tis the reason why I get all queasy when she comes over to my cubicle and breathes down my neck while I operate. Out of all the clinic tutors I could have had.. why her?

Sigh. This year has been so different. The year I start failing shit. Gah, You schoolies out there, prepare yourself for failure. I joke, just study hard when you need to. Not like I did, me and my stupid mind always floating elsewhere.

Now I most probably have to operate infront of the board of examiners. Sigh, more people to judge me. Stop judging >:/
I guess SUCH IS LIFE. And these things happen.
Pray that I don't have to sit supps.

Last exam tomorrow. Luck is much needed. ("Goodluck Jun!")
I promise to work harder next year, just let me pass first year. *pray pray pray pray*

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Off topic

Maybe one day I'll have something that I'm passionate about, and actually want to read about it, know everything there is to know, and try everything there is to try. I mean yeh, I play badminton almost excessively when there are no exams to study for, but I know shit all about game plan, techniques, racket styles, stringing tension and whatever. And I don't plan on reading up on it either. Needless to say when people start talking about badminton all I can say is 'Yeh, i love it, lets go play!'
I'd like to one day be the 'go-to' person for something. The person where people say 'Oh, I wonder.. if ___. Maybe I should ask Jun.' LOL. for example- when people want to know about cars, they'd ask Le, Zhe or Simon. When I want to look for new books to read, I'd go ask Rosemay. When people want info on photography they'd go to my oldest bro. When all the aunties and uncles want to make a good curry, my dad would be the number one go-to chef. And all these people, do it.. just because. The only thing that I've been a go-to for is.. that one Asian Adelaidian girl in the course who might know where we could hang out after uni today. But I don't. I know less about Adelaide than those internationals in my course!
Where am I going with this.. Can't remember how these thoughts came about, but I guess I just want to be good at something, love it, and also be knowledgeable about it at the same time. I don't have the faintest idea about what it might be at this point.. but you never know, as you get older, things happen.
Well that was random. Anywho-

First exam is over, not that I did particularly well, but hey, its over right? If I get sups.. I may as well look on the bright side- my Malaysia trip gets cut pretty short, but then again I get the house to myself, and more time to play badminton! Haha.. seeing the silver lining.
Second exam on Friday. Not studying for it so much, cause I really CEEBS to the max.

Looking forward to zee holidays.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Its crunch time.

Exam today at 2pm, although feeling unprepared/overwhelmed with information, I kind of want to just go in an get it over and done with. I always find that after the first exam, the rest just come and go like that *clicks fingers*.
So much study needed to be done today, but my mind was constantly racing with other thoughts. For instance.. what I'm going to do after exams, whens the next time I'll be playing badminton, what to pack for the trip back to Malaysia, what to do once I'm IN Malaysia, what to buy when I go on holidays, other things I could do on holidays.. Yeh. Guess I need to plough through this exam period first and not fudge up before I can even think about doing other things. Lets pray that I've done just enough study. They increased the passing mark too. Now we have to get 65% to pass. Thats pretty ridiculous for just a pass.
I remember in Highschool I would always aim for at least 95%, and when I got 90 I'd be pretty annoyed. Now I'd feel like QUEEN OF THE WORLD if I could just pass :D

Maybe I shouldn't have watched Spongebob squarepants and messed around yesterday instead of studying.. But meh. It was worth it!
What else has been on my mind lately.. Many things. Oh! Question.

TO CUT OR NOT TO CUT!? LOL. always in for a change?
Then again it took me ages to grow it out from the little mushroom it used to be.
Decisions.. decisions. Too many decisions.

Wish my luck for my exam tomorrow! ♥

Thursday, November 3, 2011

If I could be your superman-

Wednesday night I studied all through the night, then went to uni to study more in the morning. After all that studying, its weird but I don't feel like I've learnt all that much. So what was the point!? LOL. got a little crazy by myself, dancing with my jelly-fish arms while I studied about carbohydrate metabolism..
Ofcourse, the high-ness doesn't last forever, after a massive high, you drop to an all-time low. So while everyone studied..
Can you spot the Jun? Hahah.. hilarious. Yup, no wonder my nose is so squished and button-like. After that 10minute nap, woke up and got my study back on. Chyeah, determination for the win.
4Days to go.
..Just want these exams to be over, then it'll be BADMINTONing everyday. Mmm, do all the things I want to do- watch a movie, go to the beach, hang at a park, have a summer romance. Ahh if only.

Superman by Joe Brooks. Newest song on replay over and over and over and over again. Have a listen. He's British. Need I say more? ;) LOL. Well.. I like it.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So very jelly.

Sometimes I just can't help but be jealous.
Unhealthy you say? Well maybe. But everything in little doses can't do much harm, can it? Unless its like a bullet to the head/ jumping off a cliff/ getting bitten by a shark. Thats not good in any kind of dose. Hahah. But yeh. Jealousy can be good sometimes. That particular shitty feeling that you get. After all, doesn't it mean that even though you tell yourself that you're cool with it, its even more confirmation that you do infact- still care?
HOWEVER, there is such a thing as too much. Thats just mabes being.. selfish, overprotective, insecure.. as much as people try to comfort you, saying that its just because you're 'madly in love' with the other.. TOO MUCH DOSE FOR YOU, little one. Not saying that I've never experienced that before, but there comes a point where you have to realise that it doesn't help at all to be that jealous.. when sometimes, it could just be nothing. All the pain you bring upon yourself.. worth it?
That being said, I don't mean just blindly trust that anywho that comes into your life. There will be times where your jealousy was indeed for a good reason.

So.. whats up, buttercup?
I had originally planned last night to have a quick 3 hour nap at 12am, then wake up to study. And ofcourse, being the pig I am, it failed. It is now 12pm, and yah. I just woke up and still haven't touched my work. 6 more days until exams Jun.. this is not going as well as I'd hoped :\
Something must be distracting me and I can only WONDER what that is.
Guess I'd better head to uni tonight.. again.. sigh. Only 2 more weeks and then BOOM! Jun is yet again, a free man :D