Wednesday, November 2, 2011

So very jelly.

Sometimes I just can't help but be jealous.
Unhealthy you say? Well maybe. But everything in little doses can't do much harm, can it? Unless its like a bullet to the head/ jumping off a cliff/ getting bitten by a shark. Thats not good in any kind of dose. Hahah. But yeh. Jealousy can be good sometimes. That particular shitty feeling that you get. After all, doesn't it mean that even though you tell yourself that you're cool with it, its even more confirmation that you do infact- still care?
HOWEVER, there is such a thing as too much. Thats just mabes being.. selfish, overprotective, insecure.. as much as people try to comfort you, saying that its just because you're 'madly in love' with the other.. TOO MUCH DOSE FOR YOU, little one. Not saying that I've never experienced that before, but there comes a point where you have to realise that it doesn't help at all to be that jealous.. when sometimes, it could just be nothing. All the pain you bring upon yourself.. worth it?
That being said, I don't mean just blindly trust that anywho that comes into your life. There will be times where your jealousy was indeed for a good reason.

So.. whats up, buttercup?
I had originally planned last night to have a quick 3 hour nap at 12am, then wake up to study. And ofcourse, being the pig I am, it failed. It is now 12pm, and yah. I just woke up and still haven't touched my work. 6 more days until exams Jun.. this is not going as well as I'd hoped :\
Something must be distracting me and I can only WONDER what that is.
Guess I'd better head to uni tonight.. again.. sigh. Only 2 more weeks and then BOOM! Jun is yet again, a free man :D

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