Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm feeling so blue :\

Guess what my dad won for me, playing those claw-hand skill testers? I guess my dad is just full of win. :D SO CUTE. I squealed like a noob-ster when I saw it. Smurf smurf smurf smurf smurf.
Tis 11pm and lucky my Dad woke me up, or else my plans for a productive night/morning would have epicly failed. Then I'd get that sense of gayness when I don't follow my schedules. No, not obsessed with studying at all :D
It's been a while since I pulled an all-nighter! Shiieeeeet, I was thinking back to last semester exams, I complained almost everyday about how much study I had not done. I guess I've improved on that aspect since then! .. Or mabes I've just been too busy with other things to blog about it :P Yup, I think its the latter.
Indeed, it is about time for me to bitch about how gay studying is and how I should have should have should have started earlier blah blah blah. But anywho, moving aside from that, after going to the 'learning' hub to learn this morning/afternoon, I went to woolies, picked up some brain food, then went back home and slept.
What do I mean by brain food? Well, a jumbo pack of Allen's classic party mix (cause apparently Classic is better), and two cans of 'Wicked'. What is wicked? LOL cheap version of V or Redbull I'm guessing, since it was on sale. *puts on Russell Peter's accent* If its on sale, what do ya want? Hahah..

So my first year is technically over, after the last class meeting yesterday afternoon. Oo! Even got a photo to show you how small our cohort is.

Shall we play Spot the white people? LOL. Had a great year guys, and many more to come. Well. Not really. 4years to go, woop woop! An enjoyable year that I.. don't really remember much of. HAHA well this is awkward. But then again, alot has happened this year- it's all just moved by so fast. Little Jun is GROWING UP! Sad to say that I shall be missing these kids in the long holidays, yeh, even the dude that is disgusted by my bubbliness, why not :)

And so, I have a date with my lecture notes and Sherwood, then I be off to Hanhdorf in zee morning!

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