Saturday, October 22, 2011

I never knew that everything was fallin' through.

Tournament on today. Such a great way to start the morning, with a nice, heated shouting match across the breakfast table between my brother, my dad and my mum. Not.. obviously.
It was, to be honest my brother's fault, although my dad does sometimes cross the line.
At times like these, I wish my older brother were still around.. When shiz went down in the house, he was always there to make things right. He would calm my dad down, bring me back into the house from when my dad would kick me out, and cheer my mum up afterwards. Too bad he's not here to do that anymore.. so who's going to do those things now?
..I can't do any of those things. Just sit there like an idiot, eating my vegemite and toast.
In the end, they all end up crying. Even my dad, as much as he tries to cover it up. Whereas me, being the most wonnnnderful daughter/sister.. just walked back to my room.
sigh.. so useless.

Yup, this was indeed another addition to my recent series of sad posts.. DEAL WITH IT. lol i joke. I'm sorry peeps.. but thats just how it is. Happy posts be up soon! Fingers crossed :)
OH, here is something happy.. wish me good luck, noobs!! For the tournament. Although truthfully speaking I don't have high hopes at all. Not even medium hopes. LOL but thats fine. It shall still be fun. I'll make it fun.

Ps. title comes from The Fray- over my head.
♥ the fray. Only just 'discovered' them. Indeed, I'm quite behind. Like their other songs too.. You found me and How to save a life.

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