Sunday, October 23, 2011 close.

It's one disappointment after the other.. Mother freaking should have won that game. 23-25 in the third set. AND I WAS LEADING 16-10. How stupid is that?
Like they always say.. so close- yet so far. Gosh, feeling like quite the philosophical one tonight arn't we? Sheesh.
Usually losing singles wouldn't bother me so much (since I'm usually pretty shiz haha), but today after losing I felt like punching a wall. Why? Maybe it was because I wanted to win so badly. Or maybe just cause thats what people do in the movies when they get frustrated. LOL But you know, since I technically AM a girl.. I was all 'I'm cool with losing, t-y for the awesome game.' Although I did chuck my racket a couple times- My hands were sweaty, I swear! LOL. nah but seriously, they were. No kidding la! Oh so hot today.

meh. I'll do better next time. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Grizzle bear.

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