Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Still in love with you.

..true story.
new song by wang leehom, my idol. Well.. my idol besides my epic older brother, which you all know I look up to. No I'm not just saying this on the possibility that he might be stalking reading this, but yeh. You all know how much I want to be the female version of him. Cept much prettyful. OMG I just remembered back in primary school year6, doing a speech about him for the topic 'Someone you admire'. This again is starting to sound a leeeetle freaky, so I shall stop with this. Go check out the song. LOL I bet it already slipped your mind that I was talking about a song, ehy? What with me rambling on about nothing coolbeans. OH. Stereo hearts- by Gym class heroes feat. Adam Levine. ♥ good song. Trust me. It'll make your day just that little bit brighter, and make you want to die in a hole less.

Sigh. Have you.. ever.. stopped yourself from doing something.. in fear of rejection? Being scared shizzle-less of getting shut down.. Oh dayum.. thinking about what everyone says about only living life once, and doing whats best for you. Living 'in the moment'. Trouble is.. just what is best for me right now!? I don't even know myself. I am con-fudging-fused to what I'm supposed to think, what I'm supposed to do.. and how I'm supposed to feel right now.
Yup, this is me. Wallowing in self-pity. Time to stop being so noob, and be coolbeans instead :)

In other news, 4 weeks til exams. Woopwoopdewoop. Just finished studying about the Renal system after badminton, then dayum. Realised that I've got stuff due tomorrow. gg to me, now I be up.. aaaaall night long.

..aaaand hes gone :\ jeebus.

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