Monday, October 3, 2011

Well, well, well.

WHAT do we have here. It feels like its been a bajillion years since my last post. What have I been up to you say? Well my parents are coming back tomorrow afternoon, so I've been trying to make the most of it I guess. I'm only 18 once, ehy?
UMM, yah. Had an awesome games night over at my place, played a couple rounds of kings, played alot alot of badminton, watched alot of tv series and had a couple 21sts. Last Friday was Woojin's. Man, Stuff happened there that I would never have ever dreamed of. For example a certain someone dancing D: on the off chance that you're reading this, YEH YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. LOL Everyday I shock. Definately shocked. hahaha was good though, glad everyone had fun.. Most definately a night to remember.
Then Saturday was Sam's 21st. Got to catch up with old highschool friends and just sit around talking. You'll never guess, I got more comments on how I'm getting bigger. Sideways. IT MUST BE TRUE D: lol. Its okay. Once my parents get back I'll stop with the migoreng and copious amounts of pasta.
LOL look what I found. Unfortunately it tastes almost the same as every other beer. I thought you know, It should have had some kind of magical taste.

The number of bottles on the table does not correlate to how much we drank. I didn't drink much, I swear! Such duh good girl :)
Last night was my last night of freedom, badminton peeps met up and we went out partyin' partyin' yeh! Don't worry la, very safe. Safety first. LOL what am I saying?
Ended up staying out til quite late/early morning and crashing at a friends place. Borrowed a shirt to sleep in since I was starting to smell all smoky from karaoke. Haha.. that rhymed.. And LOOK :D

AWESOME SHIRT, no? LOL. It's what I've always wanted. "your face- 3 million people dislike this." Bahahah... indeed.
Oh sigh. So many good photos but I don't know where they've gone. Maybe on someone elses camera. Too bad, too sad :\
Oh, by the way. Court thing, only got fined $200. LOL waste my time.. Could have just sent me a letter right? How much time would you save!? I waited 2 hours in the waiting room before they finally called me in.. and after I got in they only spent 10 minutes tops.
After pleading guilty, I had to tell them what I had learned from this incident and what I should do next time to avoid these things happening again. WHAT THE JIZZ, i didn't know I had to say anything.. Gah. Scared me lorrr..

Anywho, back to reality tomorrow, going to go back to being an angel :) And yup, study period must start! GET EXCITED!! hehe.

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