Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fatty boom ba

Spent the afternoon at uni -getting zero study done, it was such a bright day and I was so bored with my holidays that I thought I should try to cook myself a proper dinner, candle lights and everything! LOL... That and also cause I'm kind of sick of frozen dinners, migoreng, ramen, bowls of cereal and cartons of Up and Go. Once again I'm starting to miss my parents like last time... What would I do without them?
Spent half an hour in Woolworths trying to figure out what to buy, and deciding whether I should get mint, oregano or thyme. Not that it even made a difference.. haha. I got mint incase you were wondering.
Man, I had the most beautiful pasta pictured in my head.. tried to re-create it.. but no, it never turns out right :( But you know, NOT BAD for someone who doesn't cook. Tis why my future husband will be a great one :D

So you see, I'm happy it turned out alright looking! Obviously proud of it or else I wouldn't show you guys!! Haha... So awesome yeeeee? Oh!! And I also put an egg underneath. So when you eat through it you'll find a nice egg, sunny side up! ;) SURPRISE! haha
Although this dinner did take me a long time to make.... gah. And so left me 5 minutes to wolf the whole thing down before going to baddy. Which was fun by the way.. Saw old friends that I hadn't seen for aaaaay-ges.
Although a couple did make comments on how I've gotten fatter. D:
Guess whatever I'm doing now isn't working out. LOLOL... So instead of that making me even more determined >:), I got home and made myself migoreng.

A-grade Finals tomorrow... WISH ME LUCK PLEASE :)

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