Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting replaced.

Thats right Pikachu. No longer will you be the one who gets my much-awesome hugs at night.
SHAAABAMMM!! Rilakkuma takes over.

LOLOLOL DID YOU LAUGH!? Cause I laughed so hard that I cried when I looked at this photo. LOL at my face! Hahaha.. made my day. Smile! :)

Sigh. My tiny single bed is being taken over by the growing collection of soft toys.-_- Got another box full sitting by my door. LOL I've literally lost half of my sleeping space D:
Haha, Thankyou to Yu-Li and Lidya for getting me such an awesomely cute present for my belated 18th! Tonight it shall be sleeping with me ;)
Also, to my happy chappy awesome sauce- coolest dad in my world.. Happy Father's day ♥. My dad and I, we be cool beans together. It's how we roll. LOL. Yes ofcourse, we have our fights and arguments. But at the end of the day, I know he does it because he wants me to be as awesome a person as possible :) THanks Babaaa :D You know you love me. Even though you'll never say it==. Cause you're not cheesy. Mabes thats why you also don't like to eat cheesy things. And TERRIBLE with emotions I must say. But I admit, I did enjoy that long talk about relationships-amongst other things- with the family today. HAHA.
Dad is strongly hinting that I should bring home a boy soon. Oh hot dayumm. Cause when I graduate and start working- All the good ones will be gone! And the ones that are available will be like last nights leftovers. Shitt. LOL JOKE. hahah.. but nah. No rush. I shall take it slow. Too bad too sad, dad!

"Telling your bf you're pregnant by posting Happy Father's day on his wall."
HAHA. When the time comes- Will do, facebook. Will do. (Y)

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