Saturday, September 17, 2011


Get ready for yet another .. depressing post. Don't want to read it? Yeh I probably wouldn't want to either LOLOL. Sigh.. It has come another period in my life where shit just happens.
I don't mind if stuff happens to me that you know, consists of boy trouble, uni or friends. That I can deal with. However when shit happens with my FAMILY, thats when life starts to kick me in the damn uterus. ooo.. uterus. I actually don't know where that is.

So I just came home.. and yes I know. Tis quite late. But I was just at a friends house for a 21st, sitting around making conversation with people that I know my parents would trust. I know.. I shouldn't have come home so late, only after my dad rang twice to ask why we wern't home yet. I know. My bad i knowwww!
But really.. you know where I am, who I'm with, what I'm doing.. Why does it worry you so much that you need to stay awake until I get home? Even more, sit on the armchair waiting when I open the door with your hands and legs crossed.
SHIZ man.. the moment I walked into the house I could feel the tension.
My dad was like "both of you, sit down."
OH DAYUM, we're having the talk arn't we. LOL not about the birds and the bees obviously.
.. I just don't get how my dad thinks that the only way I'll understand why he's so angry is by yelling and screaming at me. Accusing me of being the shittest daughter anyone could ever have, and that I'm useless and good for nothing.
Telling me that I'm shit isn't going to motivate me to get better. All it's going to do is lower my self esteem. But I guess he hasn't caught on yet. Maybe I'll wait another 18 years.
You don't HAVE to yell and scream at your 18/19 year old children. If it's not working.. shouldn't you try another tactic? Sensible conversation would be nice once in a while..
I know it sounds so.. spoilt and selfish but.. they say that I should act like an adult, always telling me to be responsible and take everything I do seriously.. But they treat me so.. childish. Would you yell at an adult who made a mistake?
Tonight I just felt like I was that little 8 year old again, getting yelled at for kicking that one mean boy in my class in the shins.

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