Saturday, September 3, 2011


Was walking through the city at night-you know, doing a little late night shopping. Fail shopping by the way since I didn't even buy anything. Haha.. And yes. Next to Myer in Rundle mall theres like a massive crowd of people shouting and making noise. I think it was some sort of protest against that group of Christian preachers from The Adelaide street Church always in Rundle mall telling everyone that they're going to go to hell because they have sinned.

What the jizzle, seriously?
Sigh.. so much hate. They're always shouting about how homosexuals, black people, muslims, people who drink, gamble, cheat, lie or steal will end up in hell, and that everyone hates them. "Get the freaks off the street" I heard them chanting..
I mean, the drinking, gambling, cheating, lying, stealing part I get why some people would think that they deserve to be looked down upon. But most of the emphasis was on gays, transexuals, people with other religious views and black people :\ I just look at these stupid preachers and shake my head. It's just so sad.
How about you stop shoving religion down my throat and do something worthwhile in your life?
I'm glad that there were people tonight trying to stop this kind of extremist crap going on. Oh, no offence to any of you Christians out there who happen to read this blog. I'm pretty sure these hate preachers are a minority, and that you're probably just as pissed off at them as I am. I mean, they always preach about how everyone has sinned and will go to hell, but what about they themselves? It's not like they have been perfectly 'good' all their lives, that they've never lied about something, gone drinking or gambled. It's just stupid. That is all.

LOL just a random Akatsuki cosplay dude writing up his sign. I think it read "I'm a transgender full of love, just trying to live my life." ♥

Sigh.. in other news. My cousin recently bought me some make-up for my late birthday present. I spent tonight trying to look like a girl.. HAHA shiiieeeeet. I made myself look like a damn panda. Aiyer, why so hard to be a girl? Sometimes I wish I could be a dude. I'd be such a handsome one :D

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