Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm no superman

aaaand Holidays have officially begun! Like.. two days ago. Awesome sauce!? INDEED, YO!
Pubcrawl was quite good, I must say, despite the more than shitty pubcrawl shirt. LOL Dent people know how to party ;)
But then again, you can't have a good night without some kind of drama.. and let me tell you, drama happened. -_- And so now, shiz just got a whole lot more complicated.. Ahh.. every ending seems to lead to new complications.. new issues.. new problems. Enough talk about that though.. can worry about that later.. maybe.. Sorry for the vagueness people! I know its annoying. LIKE YO FACE! But I'm sure I be raging about it on this blog soooooner or later.

Such a noob looking photo, but for some reason its the only photo on my phone. I swear I took more than one.. I guess not. Gah.. My friend Vivian by the way, If you're interested ;)
Last night I went to an 18th, Happy 18th Inam Muhammad! If you don't know which of my Highschool friends Inam is, he's the tall tree-like person. LOL Easy to spot cause the rest of us are so god-damn short! Asians, chh. Didn't join them at Wasai for dinner, cause my epic brother came back from Geelong for holiday and took us out to duh Vietnam restaurant at Ferryden park ;) NNQ baby! Yarr... and then yeh. Joined them at Belgium beer cafe, then moved onto some place called Tequilarea? I have no idea. Not important. Then the rest of the night/morning they party'ed it up at the City nightclub. Was fun :) Hope to see you guys more often.. since I feel like we're drifting ever so far apart :O
Got home looking to crash in my soft, comfy bed.. only to find my brothers friends playing monopoly in the lounge >:/ GRRR.. lol joke. Was good catching up, people. Made much migoreng.

Trying to think about what kind of exciting things I can get up to with these holidays.. must not waste! Haha.. I kid ofcourse. Should head to uni to study. Will do soon. But for tomorrow... JOHNNY ENGRISH, YO! :D Haven't been to a movie in ages, not that it's any better than watching at home, but you know the company is always good- agree?
I have at the moment the strongest urge to play badminton. :\ haven't played since.. last Thursday. D: Unspoken of. LOL.

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