Friday, September 23, 2011

Dude, too slow.

Waiting for 3am to roll around, so I can take my parents to the airport. Surprising how slow time goes when you have nothing to do. SO now I'm watching Home Shopping on tv. They're selling Genie Bras. The most epic bra in the world, that can hold your jugs in just the right way, for any size boob and every sized woman. No rolled back fat, no armpit fat hanging out. I'm getting me one of those. LOL JOKE. NO BOOBS TO HOLD.

Arr.. one more hour to go. So much time with nothing to do. Gets the ol' brain ticking, doesn't it? One thought leading onto another... and so on and so forth.

Break ups are difficult. And always will be, unless ofcourse you really couldn't care less about the other person anymore. If so, you're kind of abit maybe heaps heartless. Haha.. or you've fallen out of love. Actually, maybe even if that was the case, you'd probably still look back to the good times and miss it every now and again. Having past experience doesn't really help either in terms of managing breakup. Its not like aquired immunity, which gets stronger upon each subsequent contact with the antigen. I'm so smart. You see the smartness in that sentence? Chyeah. Haha.. Anyway. I guess yeh, its a subjective thing. Not that I would know a whole lot about it.

After meeting someone who at some point in time meant the world to you..someone who crossed your mind every single day, someone who used to hold onto you like they never wanted let go, breaking up is effing hard. At first it feels like its the end of the world -just exaggerating a tad-Something's missing from your life and getting up each morning is more of a drag than usual. Every post on tumblr seems to be about some corny relationship crap.

Then after a while, maybe a month or so you think to yourself -no. I'll get through this. Things will be just fine (ofcourse they will eventually). You find things to do to distract yourself and your mind is so busy that you don't dwell on your feelings so much. Now when people ask how you're holding up you tell them 'I'm awesome'. Then later what? Something happens/someone says something that triggers those feelings for that person yet again. Feelings that you thought you had control of... well fo' shizzle my nizzle, you don't.
Then you start to think back to the actual reason you broke up in the first place and whether you could have just sorted things out and pulled through.

Then those feelings about what could have been.
Gosh man, shoulda just pulled out the textbooks and studied instead of blogging. Those feelings suck D:
Lets do some smiling, people!

Cyanide and Happiness are the lols :D

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