Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Like my doodle?

I wonder if its still up on the whiteboard in that room. I swear the new Learning Hub is just a massive distraction. Learning!? More like.. not.. learning. haha.. so many places to chill, toasters to toast, computers to Facebook, and whiteboards to draw on. Not to mention beanbags to make out on! LOL cause yeh, thats what people are doing these days. Well, at least the last few times I passed by the bean bags.. Reow.

Semi-finals was on tonight for A-grade, and yee the AU Black Dragons are through to the Finals, bro! :) Con..gra..tu..laaations.. a celebraaation.. Although probably going to get an ass kicking next week. Zhe, Johnny and Simon playing I think? Oh hot dayum. Shall be a fun finals.

In other news.. Basement-to-pub-crawl on this Friday. What else is conveniently happening this Friday? PARENTS LEAVING TO NZ, chyeahhh boy! Partyin' partyin' YEH! Literally.
I know, i know.. should be studying.. Totally going to regret this and whine about it when exams come in 6weeks, but I shall worry about this at a later date! After parents come back :)
I was thinking that I shouldn't be taking advantage of their absence to have fun... But.. I'm young. PLENTY of time to mature up later.
To the people who think I've changed.. Ofcourse I have. That's what people do. That's what life is about! For now, I'll keep being myself. Albeit a little annoying, but still.. myself.
Again, this kind of crap I shall worry about.. at a later date!

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