Monday, April 26, 2010

Term Two.

Sometimes following your heart is not enough.

eesh its only been a week since school started and im sick of it already.
Can't wait til the next holidays :D buh by then id have to start preparing hardcore for umat and midyears o_o. shiiteee this year is going so fast.... uni soon i cant believe it. i still feel like a kid-_-
Holidays wer awesome, spent most of it with Emily and Zhen ♥ haha sexy time ;)
camwhoring, maccas runs and such :D any who, had a great time ^-^ hahaha

mmm so i went to the Haighs Chocolate factory.... THE ONLY ONE IN AUSTRALIA.
feel so honoured.. even tho its open to public.. and free.. and..yerh-_-
but it was pretty cool =) not allowed to take pics of the ppl making the chocolate tho.... which was gay==' but SOOOO MANY CHOCOLATES =DDDD i was like drooling the whole time...

Temptations +_+ lol.. ahha and zhen and i went bike riding.. from city to henley beach, but didnt make it all the way cuz not enuf time :P yeh we wer riding along, singing some JUSTIN BEEEEEBERRR really loud, then zhens just like " be silent along the gdgiwoeig" i didnt catch the last word XD haha then i was like wat, that was weird, why do we have to be silent? ..

then we ride out onto this path right next to a huge graveyard O_O scared me shitless i almost fell off my bike.-_- but yeh he said be silent along the graveyard. sheesh... and just as we wer riding past.. it started raining O_O so coincident.. like a scary movie we stopped in a tunnel with graffiti all over it.. looked pretty cool ! ahha but yerh very scary ah... -_-

WAahahah yerh this is proof that im still a kid inside ;) hehe wish i could go back to those days.. so freeee..

anywaysss :) my posts will be like.. very delayed. since im gona be a nerd and study hardcore all the time..-_- i wish.. i'll probly be wasting all my time on facebook.. Damn its just so addictive.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday ♥

Hmm wat to write..
oh, a man just walked out side the window, he was wearing a straw hat, brown shirt and shorts and was holding his shoes, i feel like such a stalker :D

Today is Easter i think!? HAHA or not.. im not too sure actually.
well HAPPY EASTER anyways =) OH another man walked past.. with a nice stripy shirt =)

anyways wat was i saying..
Today i spent time with my awesome cousin..except she ditched me for like an hour to go see her baby ;)
We were bored so we made an awesome pencil candle looked pretty coool~

...Then we went for walkies ;)Yups thats my Emily =) happy birthday for 3 days ago !! ♥
HOLIDAYS chyeahhhh 2weeks ^-^