Saturday, April 3, 2010

Saturday ♥

Hmm wat to write..
oh, a man just walked out side the window, he was wearing a straw hat, brown shirt and shorts and was holding his shoes, i feel like such a stalker :D

Today is Easter i think!? HAHA or not.. im not too sure actually.
well HAPPY EASTER anyways =) OH another man walked past.. with a nice stripy shirt =)

anyways wat was i saying..
Today i spent time with my awesome cousin..except she ditched me for like an hour to go see her baby ;)
We were bored so we made an awesome pencil candle looked pretty coool~

...Then we went for walkies ;)Yups thats my Emily =) happy birthday for 3 days ago !! ♥
HOLIDAYS chyeahhhh 2weeks ^-^

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