Wednesday, June 23, 2010


When one door closes, Another door opens.
well, that door has finally closed. so looking forward to seeing what kind of doors open for me^-^ positive thinking for the win..

As i predicted its been a hectic few weeks for me.. Mid-years is almost done, Thank Buddha. All that last minute revision was not good for my health. bAHHAHA..
Just one last exam, Esl studies on Friday. Note that its esl STUDIES!! im not a fob-_- ahha... just a lazy asian :) and for those retard people who say esl people dont have a future, go be a prick somewhere else, until i become something awesome and come back to laugh at you cleaning bums for a living. =)) no hard feelings,boy!!!!==

Formal night was magic ♥
hahah not exactly but it was quite good! was expecting abit more tho :P
it went for such a short time, we were having so much fun jumping around on the dancefloor we didnt realise how fast time passsed by..
Not sure it was worth the $85, but its the experience, memories and the photos you leave with ^-^ was shitty tho! ahahah adelaide convention centre.. epic fail!!
So. in an attempt to look less of a tomboy, my friend gave me extensions♥ haha i love soohiLEE :D thanks so much babe ;)

Did my own make up, cuz im such a pro O_O just kidding lol it looked pretty ..shitty ahhaha.. and yerh cheap makeup+cheap dress + cheap shoes = awesome foursome :)
JOKES. but yeh after the formal i was thinking that it was a good thing i didnt spend alot of money on it cuz it was over so fast! was an awesome experience, and amazing night, especially out "after party" in rundle mall. hahaha my friends looked amazing too ^-^♥
We all died wearing high heels tho, ended up walking around town barefoot. not the best experience.. hahahaha my feet hurt sooo bad.
I shall be uploading more pics next blog, when i get the time :)
off to tassie in about a week ^^ zhens so excited , starting to hype me up too.