Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Whale you be mine?


Gym membership ran out about a week ago- A part of me was relieved.
That guilt that I felt each passing day that I didn't go.. No more of that! Hahah.. Why have a membership if you never go, Jun? tsk tsk.
Oh wells. Went to Sunday training yesterday and then this morning went for a run.. just because. Thankful for such chilled out Mondays. All Mondays should be like today. Wake up for morning run, eat some epic meal time, go shop for abit and run errands.. lectures at 2.. spend the night with my loved ones.. ;D more like loved one. Cause there be only one. Apart from family. But you know what I meannn.

Hopefully since the weathers getting better I can start running more often. Absolutely killed my legs though. Calves, thighs, butt.. everything.
Walking up the stairs is slow. But walking down the stairs-- that is something else. Jeebus. So much effort and focus to make sure my legs don't buckle and collapse under the weight. HAHA. Like carrying a whale.
It's been forever since I've done that much exercise- training yesterday kicked my freaking ass.
HAHA A good thing I guess, then maybe I won't be so bad at singles.
I knew my badminton was getting worse, just because of the zero effort put into it.
For now I'll try to get my fitness up, so I won't fail so much, and maybe badminton will be fun again.
Always still itching to pick up a racket and have a hit.

Its quite depressing though, I have to say. Being in the middle of training and having to stop between drills to catch my breath.. Running for 10 minutes and needing to slow down and walk abit. I used to be able to smash out training sessions and run 12kms without stopping. Definitely let myself slip, without even really realising it.
Time to get my shit together and put abit more effort into it.

Completely irrelevant to topic- my hair is finally growing out. Maybe I'll stop cutting it for abit. lol but if you know me, my impatience will get the better of me, and out come the scissors.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moon Song

I just had a 6 hour nap. Although, a nap is not a nap anymore after anything pushing 3 hours. Lets just say I had my first sleep. Haha.. and now killing time until I feel like sleeping again. Also need to study for rem pros tomorrow. Just cause I realise how little I know after almost a year of study in this area.
So- 3am and no ones awake.. What to do?
I hope I don't regret this..

Wanting to play for more people but always too shy to.. 
I sit there with the guitar/uke in my hands and just sorta but kinda not strum.. try to sing abit but get too embarrassed. 
Aside from my family I don't think I've played for many others, and even then it took me years to play anything while my parents were listening. haha.. That being said, that doesn't include the odd dental camp/ staff party tipsy jam sessions. Ah, fun times.
Anyway, no chance I'd upload onto Youtube cause .. people can be mean. So where better to show than my own blog? :)
Less chance of scrutiny, judgement, less people watching, less comment ability, no pressure to collect likes. LOL just like when I post on twitter as opposed to facebook. No one wants to hear my cool stories on facebook, but on twitter its just normal to cool-story, and people don't care. 
In my opinion the song sounded better on the uke vs my guitar, so I borrowed my brothers.
Haven't had much experience playing the uke.. I can play like 2 songs lul. Lucky for me its relatively easy to pick up the more simpler chords. 
First heard it on David So's youtube, where one of his friends sang while he played the guitar. Thought it was a cute song but didn't think much of it. Then Simon re-introduced the song cause he was learning it also. Hahah.. ofcourse I had to look it up and learn it too.. #crazygifs
Only listened to the song a couple times to get the gist, so I'm pretty sure I've got the melody wrong in about 6 different places, and the lyrics are quite possibly off also. HAHA oh well.. Got tired of singing after awhile.
Anyways, enough of my rambling- Happy Thursday! :)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Growing old

Hello lovely people!
Birthday celebrations need a blog post so here goes-
Happy birthday to meee! Well, its over now but.. the celebrations continue.
Had an epic hot pot with my family on the night of my birthday, organised a dinner with the high-school people Friday night, and spent most of Monday with my dental kids at a cute corner store cafe. 
And this Friday looking forward to having Viv and Shannon stay over at mine for a movie marathon! :D
A few photos for your perusing..

Super thanks to my Rosemay for organising the epic durian cake for my highschool dinner get-together..
Really meant alot to me, putting that much effort into my birthday. Besties for a reason.. ♥

21. People say this is the age where we finally reach adulthood. The age of responsibility. Me? I don't feel any different. Still the same crazy, immature, lame person I was 5 years back. Haha.. Good thing maybe?
I hope to be still fun even when I'm 80. 
I think the only thing thats changed is my thoughts about the future. Constantly thinking about it, and always thinking about how I can save up for it. I've started reading through my first property investment book. LOL. JUN? Thinking like an adult? What the actual eff.. haha 
I dunno, I was just talking to my parents about rental properties and decided to get a book off ebay. Stupid Jun. Could have just borrowed it from the library. Rookie mistake.. haha oh wells. Atleast I can take my time reading it.
Hopefully I'll be able to understand the process more and how to go about it, maybe get my foot in the door as soon as I graduate and find a job.
Job prospects have also been on my mind all the time.
Urgh. I just want a normal life with a cute cottage, epic husband and 3 kids. Is that too much to ask for!? Haha.. The answer is yes. That is a huge ask. And its something I need to work hard for, so hard work will be done. Mr husband, please work hard also, please be smart with your money and make better decisions than I do.

Other than that- the same durian loving, badminton playing, guitar strumming, noob of a girl.