Monday, August 11, 2014

Growing old

Hello lovely people!
Birthday celebrations need a blog post so here goes-
Happy birthday to meee! Well, its over now but.. the celebrations continue.
Had an epic hot pot with my family on the night of my birthday, organised a dinner with the high-school people Friday night, and spent most of Monday with my dental kids at a cute corner store cafe. 
And this Friday looking forward to having Viv and Shannon stay over at mine for a movie marathon! :D
A few photos for your perusing..

Super thanks to my Rosemay for organising the epic durian cake for my highschool dinner get-together..
Really meant alot to me, putting that much effort into my birthday. Besties for a reason.. ♥

21. People say this is the age where we finally reach adulthood. The age of responsibility. Me? I don't feel any different. Still the same crazy, immature, lame person I was 5 years back. Haha.. Good thing maybe?
I hope to be still fun even when I'm 80. 
I think the only thing thats changed is my thoughts about the future. Constantly thinking about it, and always thinking about how I can save up for it. I've started reading through my first property investment book. LOL. JUN? Thinking like an adult? What the actual eff.. haha 
I dunno, I was just talking to my parents about rental properties and decided to get a book off ebay. Stupid Jun. Could have just borrowed it from the library. Rookie mistake.. haha oh wells. Atleast I can take my time reading it.
Hopefully I'll be able to understand the process more and how to go about it, maybe get my foot in the door as soon as I graduate and find a job.
Job prospects have also been on my mind all the time.
Urgh. I just want a normal life with a cute cottage, epic husband and 3 kids. Is that too much to ask for!? Haha.. The answer is yes. That is a huge ask. And its something I need to work hard for, so hard work will be done. Mr husband, please work hard also, please be smart with your money and make better decisions than I do.

Other than that- the same durian loving, badminton playing, guitar strumming, noob of a girl.


  1. That book is your first investment.

  2. Looked like you had fun!

    Happy 21st !!!

    Is your message to your future husband directed to Simon? LOL!