Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Lost without you

So it finally happened, I lost my phone. We all knew this day would come. Anyone who knows me would tell you how much of a nob I am with my belongings, how everything I touch will instantly break or somehow turn into dust. I don't mean to be careless with my things.. I do try to be aware of my belongings and what I'm doing with them, where I put them, how I treat them. But with me, shit just happens. Clumsiness. lol. My family still calls me Ms. Drop. For obvious reasons. And I don't blame them. Haha.. Not something to be proud of, I have to say. Must address this issue before I have my first child, and accidentally drop him/her/it.
Anyways, what was I talking about?
Oh yea. Dropping things. This time instead of breaking my phone (cause it was already broken anywho), I lost it. It's probably super lonely on the 273, just chilling by itself. Poor phone. I'm sorry.
I really need to be more careful with my things. But then again, its not like I'm actively trying to lose/break/drop things.. So how to fix? Just keep trying I guess.
POINT IS. Facebook me if you need me. LOL. Cool story bro.

Forgot to mention- I passed all my exams. And also all my Clinic sessions. :D 4 written exams and 7 clinic sessions. Who would have expected me to pass them all? BUUUT I did it. And super proud of myself, really. I was so sure that I didn't have a clue. Maybe I need to have more confidence in how much I do know, how much I did study. I focused too much on the things I had yet to cover, the things I was unsure of. Which was good in a sense that I would strive to fill in the gaps of knowledge, but really made me feel super down.. alot of the time. Just thinking about the immense amount of crap I had not yet covered. But hey. Its over now. On to the next part. I must thank Simon for keeping me sane over the exam period though. I was literally about to blow. Support from friends, family, significant other is seriously one of the best possible feels. Just to know that there are people rooting for you to do well, people hoping for your improvements and success. Super good feels. :) Defs makes me want to try harder.

Badminton tournament on the weekend.. what can I say. First tournament in a long ass while where I did not win anything. No runner up, no plate winner, no nothing. Didn't get to win that pair of socks that I didn't even want. LOL. I don't feel so bad though. Its not a big deal to me anymore. I thought to myself.. I have two options. I either start trying harder and playing more, actually put effort into the sport like I used to.. Or just stop putting so many cares into my badminton care-cup.
At this point, badminton is very low on my list of priorities. Sure, I like having social hits every so often throughout the week, but I don't so much look forward to the competition side.
Who knows, maybe I'll change my mind. But for now I think my cup of care is running dry.
Table tennis anybody? LOL joke I'm ploppers at table tennis.

Happy Wednesday Everybody!  ♥


  1. Is this growing up I see?

    For me as well...studies and work and other things have taken priority over badminton aswell..

    I have realised as well that there is indeed more than life than badminton @@ ..Not that I don't still enjoy it..when I play.. that is..

    But it shouldn't take priority over other more important things...


  2. I don't think its 'growing up', but its just not the same anymore lol. friends that I used to love playing with have left or just are not as good a friend as I thought they were. I still try to balance everything as best I can, I'm sure my love for badminton will re-surface in the near future. Just not now. haha..
    Ps- oh em gee, dat lack of proof read. LOLOL jlo..

  3. it's not Jlo :O..but yeah my Engrish is terriballz