Monday, July 7, 2014

To party, or not to party

Waiting for my Tv eps to download before I cook my noodles so I thought this would be the perfect time to blog. "Jun, why don't you go and cook your noodles while you wait for your downloads to finish?" you ask?
Well, you probably did not ask but I'm TELLING YOU ANYWAY. ahaha
Cause when I prepare my food before my stuff downloads, which happens 70% of the time cause I just get too keen for food.. then I'm sitting at my desk- yes, I do eat in my room alot- and think to myself.."Damn. Should have waited til my Eps had finished downloading so I could watch as I eat." Instead, I start eating first and then later must watch the episode all alone, with nothing to do. I always feel like I could be doing something else while watching Tv.. I can't JUST watch tv, there are things to eat, books to read, objects to draw, projects to finish! :D
But yeah, that was a very cool story bro- I'm so sorry many thankyous.
On the plus side, my Eps are almost done! LOL
Efficiency Plus a hundred.

SO whats up? Finished my exams last week- and already a week of holidays has gone by.. So fast. One more week to go. Atleast I have victor harbour at the end of the week to look forward to!
Excited to take Simon's car for a long-awaited cruise, I'll get my fulls today or tomorrow I'm hoping, so I'll be able to do some of the driving. Haven't driven manual since his car got defected so I'm super looking forward! It'll be legal for me to drive it at last! Too much of a beast for P platers.

Oh hot damn. I always deny it, but maybe I do have a thing for cool cars. Prepping an awesome music track to play for the ride, and also all day long in the house cause there will be speakers there. Happy music. 90's music! Shieeet, them RnB feels.. I can't wait.

Its the 7th today, which means one more month until my birthday. I should be busy organizing a massive birthday party, like I had always wanted.. But I really, truely am not feeling it. And that should be enough to change it into something else right? Its not the usual excuse- along the lines of poor organizing skills coupled with laziness.. this year its more like- who do I even want to invite? and honestly I only want to invite a small group of people. I don't want a massive party full of people I don't even want to see, people I don't see much anyway, people who I know don't reeally wish me happiness, right?

Thinking hard about what to do now, leaning towards something small for my 21st.
They say to hold a huge one so that I don't regret it.. But why would i? If anything, I'll look back at my 21st and be glad that I spent it with only the people that matter.
What can I say.. if I'm not feeling it, I'm not feeling it.
Just like that saying- you can't choose who you love.
I'm choosing not to love throwing a big party. ahaha. First world dilemmas. ahh.

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  1. Big Party :)))))))))

    once in a life time opportunity.. ?

    Well for me ..I also only have a small group of close friends.. but for my 21st I had a semi big party.. it was fun :D A good reason to catch up with people I haven't seen for ages... and I hope they had fun too ..

    It was a loooot of work ..but I am sure that you will have many people who are willing to help you! You'll have many memories..and perhaps you will become close to those who you don't know so well??

    For me, I definitely didn't regret it..good memories and makes me appreciate all the people in my life that I've met..and how lucky I am..!

    Don't regret... YOLO~~ :D