Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Good.

Last day was epic~
Got a shirt full of signatures, Kinder surprises, and memories <3 I'll really miss school, even though at times i felt like burning it down. I'll miss EVERYTHING. ..well.. maybe not the Librarians that act like they have something up their ass 24/7 (: Took alot of photos, for memories.. Didnt take enough!!

Unfinished Shirt-signing Beautiful day (:

Silly Kids.

Well, exams in a few days, starting with ESL studies :)

First week- esl studies and Chinese
Second week- Bio, Chem, Maths
i guess thats good, i can use the first week to study for the second week, the harder subjects

Wish me luck ok?
With ur luck, im going to be awesome^-^ i hope, hehe
Well i was watching on youtube a guy called Ice1cube..
hes so inspirational man! haha.. and hilarious at the same time !
He was talking about the reason why guys chase girls.
The longer, the harder, the more effort you put, the more time it takes to actually get that girl.. the more he will cherish her.
That makes alot of sense right :) i duno.. it just got me thinking..

ANYWAYS. My 13 years of schooling has finally come to an end (:
So fast.. really yr8s, 9s, 10s and 11s, don't take the fun times you have right now for granted.. now that ive finished school there are alot of things that i regret.. lots of things i wanted to do that i didnt :(

I wanted to be apart of one of the musicals :D It all looks so awesome!!
But i always seemed to find some excuse.. like..not enuf time for study, not enuf time for badminton.. and like school was the only chance that i could actually experience these kinds of events!
And i should have learnt another instrument.. played more sport.. done more sports for sports day.. Played more badminton.. cant believe i missed out my last knockout this year :( sad.. so sad!
I also wanted to be part of SRC or sumthing. So that it looks good on my resume ;) hehe

Today, one of my friends told me that this was a sperm O~
LOL. random much? (:
I leave you with a photo of an EPIC badge. >

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

In the end, it'll be worth it.

Just three more weeks kids! wow, i never thought that i'd be doing my final exams so fast.. This year has gone by so quickly.. like a zyrtec :D LOL if thats how you spell it.
If you dont get the joke then youtube it!! bahaha..
But yes.. I'm feeling kind of excited.. but scared at the same time.
I regret starting my revision so late.. I think i'm going to struggle to cover everything..
3 weeks just sounds so CLOSE. scary isnt it?
But its ok, just think about it, in 5 weeks, after exams are over, My life will be so legendary..

Today I went to play badminton at glenunga, and I'm making that my last badminton session until after exams. So determined yeh? AHHA nah, i shud have done it sooner..
Well i rekon ive worked pretty hard throughout the year... i guess..
And all that hard work will pay off ^-^ so just jia you for the last few weeks, Jun ! =))

But somehow in year 11 i thought that yr 12 would be much harder than what it is now.. i Thought that i would have to stop badminton completely for this year, but I've been going for like 3 times a week :D which is awesome, cause what would i do without my badminton..

Sigh.. I said I'd sleep at the very latest at 12am, its not 1:21am and im still awake.
Today at school, the sub-school head saw me and my friends names carved into the doors of each of our lockers, and made them scrub it off with sandpaper, while i hid in the classroom next to our lockers =P LOL. But can't believe its taken a whole year for a teacher to find out =S

MUCK UP DAY will be awe- sommeeee :D

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Realised..

How much I love my friends (:

Uni soon, and at the moment I'm not sure where that will take me. Interstate maybe?
I really hope not, or then i might have to start all over again, making new friendships, fitting in.. it'll be like 8th grade all over again. I guess it'll be a good experience but just a little scared!

Was talking to a friend of mine from badminton, and he told me alot of stuff that really opened up my eyes. my small.. asian eyes.. HAHAHA good joke :P
um yeh, but we were talking about relationships and such, and i was..kind of embarressed to open up and tell him about my past relationships, mainly because the last one ended quite shittily, if thats a word.
He told me not to regret my past, theres no way to change it anyways right?
He told me to be thankful to that boy, because he has given me so much experience, even thought there are so many things i would like to forget.
The experience has taught me not to believe everything that comes out of a guys mouth. because seriously they have probly said the same thing to 5 other girls right?
Do you really think that everytime a guy has told you he loves you that he means it for real? maybe hes never actually meant it. How do you know? Exactly.
Not saying that every guy is like that, but its hard to tell.
So today i would like to say thanks to that boy, for teaching me not to be so gullible, relationship-wise (:

DUDE, relationships are so complicated all the time, so hard to please everybody.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Something smells like up dog..

''what's up dog?"

Went to the Royal Adelaide show about a month ago, its been ages since my last post! This years show was quite..not uneventful but we sure picked the crappest day to go =S
It was raining the whole day and so windy!! i dont mind the rain cuz rain is awesome, but rain plus wind is not a good mix. Still, being with friends that care about you, what more could u want =)

Missed out on the fireworks too.. but i guess i can always see them next year! maybe with someone special to share it with too!! Ay ayyeee?? ;) ahha jokes jokes, calm down charlie brown!

4weeks to go until final exams, think im gona go crazyy!
its stupid cuz i always worry about it but im not even hardcore nerding it up yet-_- so stiiuuupid
oo UMAT scores came out..

lets say that my score was border line :) got chance! hahha ..

Thinking about changing my focus to Dentistry.. I'm not sure yet, for now i'll just go with the flow, get a good TER before i think about anything else..
ahh, i got a 20 in ESL studies for my ten minute tutorial :D first 20 in that subject, i swear the teacher marks too harsh..or maybe my english is too malaysian

good intro, Am I right?
yes, i chose the topic plastic bags, cuz it just excites me that much.
oh yeh, that tournament i was talking about in the last post, 3 trophies baby!
two runner ups for B mixed doubles and A grade ladies singles
Winner for Bgrade ladies doubles :)

And ye, about that losing weight eating healthy crap, that's so impossible at the moment :P
i duno, sitting down all day trying to study makes me bored, when im bored i start snacking. Talk about motivated =)
So yup, just 4 more weeks (H) after that i will be the happiest person aliiiiiiiiiiiiiveee wewwwowoeoeowooeoe sexy time ^^