Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Just Realised..

How much I love my friends (:

Uni soon, and at the moment I'm not sure where that will take me. Interstate maybe?
I really hope not, or then i might have to start all over again, making new friendships, fitting in.. it'll be like 8th grade all over again. I guess it'll be a good experience but just a little scared!

Was talking to a friend of mine from badminton, and he told me alot of stuff that really opened up my eyes. my small.. asian eyes.. HAHAHA good joke :P
um yeh, but we were talking about relationships and such, and i was..kind of embarressed to open up and tell him about my past relationships, mainly because the last one ended quite shittily, if thats a word.
He told me not to regret my past, theres no way to change it anyways right?
He told me to be thankful to that boy, because he has given me so much experience, even thought there are so many things i would like to forget.
The experience has taught me not to believe everything that comes out of a guys mouth. because seriously they have probly said the same thing to 5 other girls right?
Do you really think that everytime a guy has told you he loves you that he means it for real? maybe hes never actually meant it. How do you know? Exactly.
Not saying that every guy is like that, but its hard to tell.
So today i would like to say thanks to that boy, for teaching me not to be so gullible, relationship-wise (:

DUDE, relationships are so complicated all the time, so hard to please everybody.

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