Thursday, October 28, 2010

Very Good.

Last day was epic~
Got a shirt full of signatures, Kinder surprises, and memories <3 I'll really miss school, even though at times i felt like burning it down. I'll miss EVERYTHING. ..well.. maybe not the Librarians that act like they have something up their ass 24/7 (: Took alot of photos, for memories.. Didnt take enough!!

Unfinished Shirt-signing Beautiful day (:

Silly Kids.

Well, exams in a few days, starting with ESL studies :)

First week- esl studies and Chinese
Second week- Bio, Chem, Maths
i guess thats good, i can use the first week to study for the second week, the harder subjects

Wish me luck ok?
With ur luck, im going to be awesome^-^ i hope, hehe
Well i was watching on youtube a guy called Ice1cube..
hes so inspirational man! haha.. and hilarious at the same time !
He was talking about the reason why guys chase girls.
The longer, the harder, the more effort you put, the more time it takes to actually get that girl.. the more he will cherish her.
That makes alot of sense right :) i duno.. it just got me thinking..

ANYWAYS. My 13 years of schooling has finally come to an end (:
So fast.. really yr8s, 9s, 10s and 11s, don't take the fun times you have right now for granted.. now that ive finished school there are alot of things that i regret.. lots of things i wanted to do that i didnt :(

I wanted to be apart of one of the musicals :D It all looks so awesome!!
But i always seemed to find some excuse.. like..not enuf time for study, not enuf time for badminton.. and like school was the only chance that i could actually experience these kinds of events!
And i should have learnt another instrument.. played more sport.. done more sports for sports day.. Played more badminton.. cant believe i missed out my last knockout this year :( sad.. so sad!
I also wanted to be part of SRC or sumthing. So that it looks good on my resume ;) hehe

Today, one of my friends told me that this was a sperm O~
LOL. random much? (:
I leave you with a photo of an EPIC badge. >

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