Saturday, December 11, 2010

It's Almost Christmas, people (:

I keep having these dreams.. and you're in all of them.
We went to this beautiful place..There was snow, and a huge lake.
I just realised that if it was snowing, how can there be a lake? Wouldn't the lake be frozen? HAHA but thats beside the point, it was after all just a dream.
In that dream you only looked at me.
I'm not sure if i really like you, or if all the cute dramas I've been watching has just caused me to think about mushy corny stuff.

But I wish that were reality, I really do.

And so, everything is over. Year 12 went off with a quiet bang .. Graduation has passed.
I've just been so busy.. actually that and i've been heaps lazy too :P So i havnt been posting much at all!
Well graduation, i got a few merits, for ESLstudies and also math, which was good (:
Too bad i gave attitude to the Chinese teacher.. Because of that she gave away my Chinese merit. Sounds like I'm being arrogant, but really i had the highest marks. And even if i didn't, the merit would have gone to my other friend Yu-Li, if she hadn't given the Chinese teacher attitude too :P HAHA.. But its good, the guy that got the merit is an awesome person (:
Sigh, I shouldn't hate the Chinese teacher. When i think about it, i don't even know her situation. She might be having really bad problems. Poor thing. LOL WHO AM I KIDDING, i dislike her to the max.

I also got an award, The Old boys scholarship award, for outstanding performance in all 5 subjects. Or something along those lines..
I was so surprised when they called out my name. My eyes were literally like O_O. Although i know one of my friends would laugh at that, because he would say my eyes don't go that wide. Shush!

I also had my interview for medicine and Adelaide uni two days ago.. Gosh, my first time having an interview..but it was okay because the interviewers were so friendly. Although I keep thinking that they had alterior motives. Like on the outside all smiles, but on the inside, 'Why is this chick here, she clearly sucks.'
HAHA but i tried not to think that so that my positivity could shine. ha..ha.
Oh, and the male interviewer, was quite young.. had yellow hair and blue eyes. Beautiful.. Blue.. eyes. Wow, i just couldn't stop looking at them. Had to force myself to look at the other interviewer. Its weird, because i don't usually pay attention to Aussie guys. Unless they're like Chad Michael Murray. LOL. Maybe because i was nervous.
Well, just glad that its over. Now to focus on my dentistry interview, next thursday (:
Now.. Why do I want to be a dentist?
Gosh.. i've never had to answer such a difficult question before.. i'm serious.
"Because i want to give people the extra confidence that comes from a sexy smile!"
Yeh, that'll get me in ;)

Wish me luck!
Fill you in with more crap later, i'm off to bed.

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