Sunday, December 12, 2010

Did someone say All-Nighter?

Yes, and thats just what I've been doing, for no particular good reason at all! Simply because I could not get to sleep.
Funny thing is that it's my first all nighter for 2010, which is almost finished (:
Proud of myself for getting sleep every single night through year 12 until now!
*pats myself on the back*
Really wonderful.

So anyways today is SUNDAY. So tomorrow, my friend is taking me to his church, to help wrap up hampers for disadvantaged children.. So sad.. I will definately feel a sense of self-worth after tomorrow :)
Poor little ones.. So for all you kids out there that are well off with your Nike Air-force ones and your Adidas shorts, Think about these less fortunate people before you complain!
Including myself, cause I love my yellow and purple Air-force ones! HAHA but really, not complaining.

It's 5:45am at the moment, but that's probably not the time displayed on the bottom of this post. Why? Because the post is wrong.
This is the earliest that I have ever been up in QUITE A LONG WHILE..
Thinking of making everyone toast and eggs. But last time I did that, no one woke up until the breakfast had gone cold.. Maybe I'll just have a feast by myself ;)

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