Monday, December 31, 2012

Bring on being almost 20.

Guys just for your information I have a pimple on my cheek so big that I don't even need a mirror to see it. I can see it just by looking down. Its right there looking back up at me. I bet its laughing at me.

Last post of the year I suppose!
What did I do today, on the last day of the year, you say?
Spent time with people I love ofcourse, as cheesy as it might be.

Cliche Yes, but the year really has gone by extraordinarily fast. It was an eventful year, but I almost don't remember what happened, and no I was not drunk the whole time. haha. I guess its just lucky I keep a blog to remind myself of this years events, and one day when its 2025 and I'm 32, I'll want to remember everything that happened, the good, and the not so good.
2012 was a big year, I remember being at my all time low, but also at one point feeling on top of the world. All in the same year? I think that's quuite an achievement, ladies and gentlemen! Seems like only yesterday I was freaking out about it being 2012, making my new years resolutions on the plane from KL to Adelaide.

I think its great that people make new years resolutions, you know, to try and make themselves a better person, get fit, lose 5kgs, eat well, stop drinking etc etc.. But then I think, why do I wait til new years to make these goals? It just sets me up for more-than-likely disappointment if I bomb out a couple months into the new year. Then I'll say to myself- thats ok, I'll just try again.. NEXT YEAR. I would know. I do it every year. haha sheit. So I guess what I should be doing is making small goals all the time, instead of just making one big new years resolution list.

All I can say for the coming 2013 is..
I will learn to put myself and my studies first (cause I'm worth it, thank you L'Oreal)
I will try not to be such a pushover
Peanut butter will not be eaten straight from the jar anymore

I think these goals are fairly reasonable... right? Small goals. But still goals nonetheless. And I will continue making goals as the year progresses. Happy face.

What about you people, what goals do you want to achieve?
Aaaanyways have a great New years eve.
Happy new year everyone.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tis the Season.

I'm in a room full of people.

..Yet I've never felt so alone.
Maybe I wanted to be excited for Christmas so badly and was sad that I wasn't excited.
Maybe I had too many expectations, only to be disappointed. 
I really don't know where all these feelings stemmed from but, I sure hope you're having a better Christmas than I am.
Right now I feel like I'm being the biggest Grinch, the most ungrateful person and oh, so alone. 

Merry Christmas ♥.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oodles of noodles

ALRIGHTY, finally getting out of Adelaide and off to Malaysia in the early morning. I'm excited. Are you excited? Ofcourse you are. Haha.. was getting quite bored here!
So whats been happening you say?
I passed my exams, even got a Credit, which was unheard of until now LOL. Big achievement, me thinks. Cannot describe how happy I was when I got my results back. All smiles and I ran into my room to punch my brother with punches of happiness. haha
ONWARDS, to third year, just a couple more to go now.. Gotta keep crack-a-lackin' and keep working hard. Want to finish ASAP and then I can do whatever I want. Just frolic in the woods, dance with the 7 dwarfs and find a prince. Can't wait ;)

In about 4 hours I'll be up again to take a plane to Melbourne then transit to KL. Gosh, I just want to have that feeling of being on a plane again. I miss it so.
Its gonna be funzies- only about 2 weeks, but I think thats enough for me. I'm not so much of a traveller, especially if its staying in one area for too long. I get bored so easily.

Anywho ladies and gents, I'd write more but I'm feeling pretty tired right now. LOL thats all I ever seem to be doing nowadays. Just walking around my house, taking naps everywhere.
Update you kids in Malaysia!
Give yourself a pat on the back

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mug Brownies and Lee hom ♥

Ofcourse I made brownies in a mug while I couch potato. Cause why would I be healthy?

Looks like a poo, but tastes like chocolate. Easiest recipe ever by the way, Google it, cause this is NOT a food blog. haha Ah, I'm a lazy one.

I have to stop watching movies and wishing my life were one. Cause face it, I'd be one of the first to die in an action movie, the one that ends up all sad face in a romantic comedy, and the one that gets murdered in a horror movie. We've all done it before.. while watching some thriller, sitting there facepalming and thinking "I SAW THAT COMING, IF THAT WERE ME, DAMN THIS WOULD BE THE BEST MOVIE EVER."
No, You wouldn't have reacted faster than Batman. No, You wouldn't have dodged the rolling meteor in 2012. No, people don't say romantic things in real life! "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and temperate..." SAID NO ONE.
Lol What. A. Rager.

Wow. I still can't believe he is coming down to Australia.. My dreams are going to come true in such little time! Literally.
So I was about 7 when I discovered Wang lee hom.. Ofcourse it was through my oldest brother, I was at that stage where I wanted to be exactly like my brother, him being the model child.. I still have memories of listening to my brother sing bits off leehom in the shower. Then seeing one of his MVs just made me fall in love. Ermagerd I'll go find the exact MV that I remember watching and post it here for your sexy eyes ;)

1998 So old school. So dorky. I Love it. Brings back my childhood. Oh no.. look what you've done. Sent me on a youtube frenzy, clicking vid after vid..
If you want to hear more of my favourites try-
Ai de jiu shi ni- Ni bu zai- Hua tian cuo- Kiss goodbye- Forever Love- Bu yao hai pa- Bu wan zheng de xuan lu.
Yup, all the slow ones! As you can see I bolded, underlined and italic'd them songs so check them out, you won't regret it ♥ Will touch your heart, fo'SHIZZLE!
To be honest and I'm sure you'll all agree but his old songs were so much better than his new ones. Really hope he sings all his old ones at his concert too. FUU ANYWHO I'M FINALLY BACK TO FINISH THIS POST.
Long story short, He's coming and I'm going to him. Wait for me, my pooh bear. Oh thats disgusting. Oh just threw up in my mouth a little bit. haha nope, those words be too soggy even for this. Hahah...
Expect more updates on this Melbourne trip to come ;)
For now I have to calm my farm, and just not get too excited and explode. Lower them expectations dude, and you shan't be disappointed.
What was that saying? Have goals, but don't make expectations. TOUGH, let me tell you.
Apologies for my previous wall of fan-girlness. I had to let the world know, and you guys are the closest I'm going to get to any human contact.
Haaave a lovely evening brownies. Stay safe, don't do drugs and all that jazz! :D YAYERRR

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Herp Derp

5AM and I'm- ask Katy Perry once said- I'm wide awake. haha. sad though, but wide awake.
Only one more day til the first exam, are we pumped?! We are pumped.
I'm at that point again where no matter how prepared/screwed, I just want to get into that exam hall, and do eet, do eeet! Its time for my holidays to begin, it has been long overdue.
Lucky for me, no more late-night clinic/lab sessions for the rest of my uni days. :D yay. Hopefully. If I pass. No, definitely. Cause I'm a positive raaay of sunshine.

I'm sure I've yapped on about exams on this blog a tad too much, but.. Its My blog and I can doooo what I want. SO WHAT!? LOL. But fo' real this post is about the exams, and you may or may not wish to skip through the whinging and complaining ;)
Turned my life upside down just to prep for these exams, after realizing how much I had to do still and how much time I didn't have. Haha. Basically slept when people woke up and studied while everyone was sleeping. I found that my optimal studying period was around 2 or 3am onwards, until maybe about 6 or 7. That was the time I'd actually get solid work done. I'm not sure what it was, maybe it was the fact that it was so quite in my house after everyone had gone to bed, or because there was really not many people to chat to on facebook/whatsapp/twitter. Anywho so I'd study through the early morning until about 6 or 7 then sleep until about 1 or 2. Afternoons were the least productive, so I either just chilled out or looked over the more simple stuff, or the stuff I'd already covered..
Then I'd start studying again after dinner or go to the library. Before you know it, BAM! 2am rolls around and my study would be on like Donkey Kong.
Well... that was the plan for most nights. haha. Ofcourse there were times when I just conked out and had to take more power naps.. But I rekon it was a pretty good system. Tis why I'm up now almost 6AM now.
Although moderately effective for me, I probably wouldn't suggest that you take on this retarded sleep pattern/schedule of mine when your exams roll around. Probably could have been more productive if I had just started studying a month ago. If only, if only. I still haven't covered everything required in detail so that makes me nerrrvous as a poop. Then again, when have I ever NOT been nervous about exams?

To everyone about to take on their exams, goodluck ya'll! To the people that haven't even started studying... STUDY :/ and to me..? Jun, You'll be alright. what I'd LIKE to say.
The more realistic thing to say would be 'Jun, I hope you don't burn out through the exam and end up forgetting everything, panic and then start sweating all over your papers like in year 12'. hahahhah shiet. Year 12 was fun. Blue ink smeared all over my bio exam, LIKE A BOSS. Oh, which reminds me GOOD LUCK YEAR 12s! You're almost there. woopwooptotheboop!

#Currentlyreplaying Your Love by Marie. So bouncy. So happy! Guess I should add it to my mp3 thingo in the sidebar over there --->
Haaappy November!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Nigeria Please

6Days 'til D-day, so OFCOURSE I'D BE ON HERE PROCRASTINATING MY BIG ASS OFF. Shiet. What is WRONG with me?

What am I going to do? When the best part of me is always you?
What am I supposed to say, when I'm all choked up and you're okay?
LOL lyrics do look funny written out. They sound even funnier in my head when I'm saying it to myself. Which I'm pretty sure I've said before, but why NOT re-iterate?

And so, Ladies and gents, the topic of the day? DRUM ROLL PLEEEEASE... Okay.
The TOPIC of the day? SOCIAL NETWORKING *gasp*
Why is social networking so god damn addictive? It's the first thing I go to in the morning, and the last thing I check at night. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram or Whatsapp.. I just don't think I could get through the day without it. I literally have to check every single one of them at least hourly, if not less than that. Its something I have come to realize over the past week or so. Unhealthy habit/borderline obsession? I think so.
I guess you would also consider Messaging and texting as a form of social networking too.
Why is it that the instant we hear the notification tone go off, no matter what we're doing, we stop and reach for our phones/laptops/computers/iPads?
I remember my friend telling me that she really dislikes it when she's talking to someone and mid-conversation they just whip out their phones and start texting/facebooking/whatever-people-do-with-wifi/3G. I hear you saying to yourself- "What, Nigeria please, I've never done that." But think about it, YOU HAVE. I shake my head. haha but no. I have to admit, I've done that more than a couple times. And I can't believe that I never stopped to realize how rude it can be, and how bad I look as a friend/person. Might as well just hold your hand up to that person's face and tell them 'sorry, you're not as important as the person I'm facebooking/texting/tweeting right now'.
Well don't YOU deserve a little bit of palm in your face.
And so yea. My resolution as of now? To never do that again. Cause it be bitchin'.
Should probs try not to be so attached to the internet as well. Buuuut... I'll work on that some other time.
For now? Time for me to get cracka'lackin' with my study. Study from now til about midday, then sleep through the afternoon -since I never get anything done in the afternoon even when I try- wake up around dinner time and study again. Ah, SwotVac. You are the pearl in my clam. Wow that sounded slightly dirtier than I had planned it to. Backspace it? Nah ;)

Ps totes screwed for the exams, but hey, who isn't?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Care bears

Exam time is loooooming. LOOMING I TELL YOU! haha. what.
Once again, as always, definitely need to get a move on with the study. Wonder when I'll finally learn, and like every GOOD uni student, allocate an appropriate amount of time to cover all bases? That is, without having to pull eaaarly-mornings, late-nighters, all-nighters, every-nighters.
One day, Jun. One day. It'll happen.
Less than 13 days to go, I can't remember if last semester I was still this unprepared with 13 days left? Meh. I guess every exam period will be different. Put in the effort these next 2weeks guys, It'll be over before you know it.
All-nighters have been screwing with my brain, my sleeping patterns, my appetite and my skin. Several friends are worrying about me. But I feel like they're worrying in the worst way. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the care, I really do.. But I don't appreciate them giving me lectures on how to study when they're not so studious themselves. When they harp on and on about how they think I should really sit down and think about what I'm doing to my future, think about studying hard and focus on my work more. Hypocrites will be hippos. hahaha. But no. It kind of poops me out when people just talk out of their asses like they know everything.
Crap. Now I feel bad, talking about my friend like this, when he thinks he's helping. True feelings can be harsh sometimes..
I'd like to tell him directly, but can't bring myself to sound like a bitch. I mean, how would I feel if the person I was trying to help turned around and told me to get lost? Wouldn't be so nice.
Note to self; before lashing out at person, know that they're just worrying about me. Cause thats what good friends do. Care bears ftw.

Sigh. Exams be gone already. I want to go on my Sydney trip asap.
Ps I passed Pain control clinic, guys :) Now to bring my oral injections into the real world. haha. Not.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Have you ever? Ofcourse you have.
Whether its an issue you wished you had dealt with differently, a relationship you wish you hadn't let go of, a holiday you wish you had used to actually do something REMOTELY productive, or even just wishing you had chosen the chocolate cake instead of the stupid blueberry muffin.
I don't think, in my life so far that I have had regret for anything much.. until now.
I get these guilty thoughts running through my mind, telling myself that it was my fault things have turned out this way. Ever thought like this before? Maybe yes, I'm being harsh on myself, but if I don't take responsibility, who will?
So what do you do at times like these? Nothing TO do but to move on.
I guess in a way, if you take a positive spin on those things that you 'regret', you won't so much anymore. For example. I met an asshole about 2 years ago, and me, being the gullible person I am, believed that he actually had feelings for me. Yet after getting close to him, spending hours and hours by his side and thinking we were actually going somewhere in this relationship, I find out from someone else that he already has a girlfriend. Yea, Prick indeed am I right?
You get boys like these ones just about everywhere you look. THEY'RE EVERYWHERE.
At first I felt like crap and just wished and wished I had never set my eyes on him. But then hey, if not for this asswipe, how would I ever have learned? How would I ever have realized that I deserve so much better?

So I'll look on this situation, thinking that although I probably hurt some of those closest to me.. Atleast I know not to do it again.
Next time, take the chocolate cake god damn it.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

AUS Unigames 2012

A whole week of badminton, much like junior nationals back in the day! Kicked ass, but also got my ass kicked. Which was expected haha.. finished up 5th out of 8 teams, not bad not bad. Monash, Sydney Uni, Melb Uni and UNSW are just too pro! Although I think we could have beat Melb Uni and finished 4th if not for me turning up sleep-deprived and hungover on the morning of our match against Melbourne. Sigh. If I had known they were beatable, I wouldn't have gotten home at 5am before the 8am match. Then again, everyone knows that Unigames is not about the badminton! At the interval during my singles game- "Guys... Is it just me, or did the room just move?" HAHA oh well. Live and learn.

All the fun. And after-party karaoke has never BEEN so fun before. Everyone just singing their sadness out and forgetting all the worries they ever had.. Thank you Simon and Johnny, for keeping me safe both nights, and getting me home so fast when my dad started screaming through the phone. Thanks Antonia for being so ridiculously crazy fun and treating us drunkos to Pancake Kitchen. Think its safe to say that after two crazy nights, I've had my dose of being a bad-ass daughter that'll last me quite a while.

Aus Unigames 2013 at the Goldcoast? Free rides at Dreamworld?? LETS DO EEEET! 

Sunday, September 23, 2012


City to Bay results you say? 1hr 13mins! Totally surpassed my expectations, I guess I'm not as turtle as I think I am. Haha.. Definitely a great experience and you'll be seeing this face again next year, people *points at face* LOL. Next years goal? Maybe try to get below 1hr5mins. But who knows, maybe by next year I'd have let myself go and gotten uber cushion for the pushin'. Who knows! Haha.. 
Too bad it rained 6km into the run, so for the last 6km I was freezing cold and constantly having to wipe rain from my face. But it wouldn't have been as eventful if it didn't rain! All adding to the excitement of the run haha.. Never seen SO many people in one place before.. 39,000 people. 39, 000! Holycrappers man. Could have literally been trampled to death, if not for the staggered starting lines..
Anywhoop, onto more exciting news, finally got hold of my b'day nike free runs!! YAY. I got the first pair maybe a month ago, but oh the sadness *sadface* they were too small.. And so now, after  two size exchanges and 4weeks later, I get my size 8.5 sexy mint green nikes :D YAY. hehe. Thanks to all who contributed, for reals for reals for reals. I'll take care of them like they were my own baby. ♥ Feel the love?

Have yet to run in them, since I've been sick the whole week. Oh, the other downfall of the City to Bay, after all the rain running, then tramming it back to the city in soaked out clothes, ofcourse I'd be sick! Fevers are the worst. Feeling cold then hot then cold then hot etcetc, MAKE UP YOUR MIND, BODY! But atleast I'm okay now :) still on the sickly-looking side, but atleast I'm on the recovering end. JUST IN TIME FOR UNIGAMES TOMORROW! 
Uni's from all over the country are coming into little ol' Adelaide for the legendary Unigames.
Come to Lockleys and watch if you have time, people! Support Adelaide Uni ;) 
A whole week of badminton during the day, and themed partying everynight, who could ask for more?

*Fingers crossed for good looking badminton guys* Bahaha. Oh, If only.. if only. It is a widely known fact that it is tres difficult to find guys that are both epic at badminton, and good looking. Please please please, Aus Unigames, prove me wrong!

Before I leave- Ermahgerd! HAHA. Yea.. Kind of been overusing the word abit hey? But damn, its addictive. I can't help myself. I just can't!

Enjoy your week, keep those chins up and smile all sexily for me.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

And the bass keeps running, running

Sup fatties!
City to Bay tomorrow at 8am. WHY so early, 8AM? I don't even think I will be properly awake yet! Just hoping I don't have to pee during. Yea thats what I worry about. HAHA.
A couple friends that I know are running are aiming to finish in 1hr15mins. I'm just aiming to finish. Haha. My aim is to not stop running. Getting there with a good time will just be a mega bonus! Now I'm thinking maybe I should have run the whole 12kms atleast one time through before the event.. Last week did 10k with Mish and SY and made it in an hour, so I'm determined to do just as well tomorrow morning. Thats if I don't fall asleep half way..
Thank Buddha my parents are back to wake me up! Otherwise there is no TELLING what time I'd be up. Probably end up missing out on it, wasting $35 and feeling all sadface.
So many things I rely on my parents for.. I'm thinking maybe the coming new years resolution should include something about being more independent. After all, don't we all strive to be strong, independent young women? Yea you do ;) Don't need no guy in your life, don't need no one's help ever blah blah blah. You go, girlfriend!

Always ever grateful for holidays, even though there is a crap-tonne of work to do. Nyeah.. I'll do it slowly. One day. Got my socks, shirt and shorts folded across my chair, my entrants number lying on the table and my mp3 is on full battery. Night kids, have a sexy dream. But not toooo sexy ;)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Turn up the love.

Just popped an ulcer on the side of my cheek, oh hot dayum it kinda stung.
Getting back on track. I haven't blogged in aaages. It's taken me about the whole of August to finally sit my big ass down and write about the rest of my birthday celebrations. You thought the last two were enough? You were WRONG, sir. Wrong. I think its because I feel like I've literally spent the most part of August celebrating my 19th, and thats why I've left this blogpost til the end. Best birthday ever, for reals.
Spent time with all the people I love the most.. My family, bestfriend, uni friends, baddy friends, boy of interest maybe!? HAHA kidding. I think its events like these that remind me to cherish my family and friends, and really appreciate them.. just being there for me. I don't want to brag, but I really do have thee most legendary humans in my life. LOL. Being with people that I can share the good times with. I suppose I didn't realize how lucky I am, to have so many awesome people in my life, in my circle of friends. Smiley faces for EVERYONE.

From my Dad's epic birthday feast, to brunch with Rosemay, to dinner and dessert with my dental girls, to that crazy joint drink up after badminton, to that evening walk along the beach lighting sparklers, to poker with the cool kids LOL. This birthday, although unexpected, has got to be the one to remember.
So much drama, so much food, so many memories and so MANY presents!
Juust a quick warning, you're about to be bombarded with a ridonkulous number of photos with me and my slightly awkward face in them. OH YOU LOVE IT. trololol.


MAN. Almost cried when they told me they bought me Nike free runs. Been wanting them for the LONGEST time. Couldn't bring myself to spend the money on them though.. I think they retail for around $160 out here. But HO MY GOSH look how pretty they are.. Mint green *sigh* ♥ EVEN BETTER in real life. The colour is so eye catching, so unique. Some people don't understand all the hype about nike free runs, and yea I agree. But nike free runs IN THIS COLOUR? Nope, I can't not be hyped about them. I just can't! My first running shoes that arn't old badminton ones. Use them well? I shall. Can't wait to hit the gym with them! No. I can't wait to run City to Bay with them! Haha.. Only just brought myself to register for the 12km run on the 16th Sept. It is going to be l-o-n-g. Never participated in any sort of running event so this'll be a first. So many firsts this year, who woulda thought?
Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, if you don't do it now, when will you ever do it? Just like my laundry. I finally did it today. HAHA.

It's just past 4am so I want to schleep. As you can tell, I'm one of those. Ermahgerd. LOL
So once again, a big WOOPWOOP! to everyone who made August that much more special for me. ♥ can you FEEL the love!? CAN YOU FEEL IT!? Ye. I thought so.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rainbows and unicorns.

I'm sitting here all metal'd up, thinking about downing some panadol and going to bed..I guess I should tell you about my day :)

Today was fun, filled with surprises (both the good and the bad) and a day that won't be easily forgotten. Why? Cause I got the dreaded braces on, thats why. But not only that.
Today I got flowers from my dent girlfriends Viv and Shannon. I got home-made macarons from one very sweet guy friend. My group all chipped in a couple bucks and bought me a Nike sports bra LOL and then the whole cohort sang Happy birthday in the break between the 11 and 12pm lecture. Gah, I felt so spoilt, for real. Such great friends. +texts that made me smile ♥

They also took me to Cocolat, and fed me before my 2pm ortho appointment. Double chocolate muffin!? Double the fun.
To be honest the process of getting braces put on didn't hurt at all. But now.. hurts like a beeetch.
Eating has never BEEN so hard. I spent an hour an home after uni trying to figure out the hardest food I could eat that wouldn't hurt. DEFINITELY NOT NUTS. LOL nuts. *shakes head* what was I thinking.
I'm hungry but I just cant be bothered eating. Its too uncomfortable and if I bite down in the wrong place my gums start aching. Not to mention the amount of crap that gets stuck between the wires! Gosh dayum, these are annoying. WHO KNEW FLOSSING COULD BE SO GOD DAMN HARD!? What was that? 'Jun, you're a dental student, you should know better?' Oh hells, no. Flossing is off the table.
Haha.. 2 more years to go, people! And now for a picture of the brace face.

Yup, I know. You can't really see anything. And thats the way I intended the photo to come out LOL not a very informative photo. I got ceramic brackets on the top and metal everywhere else. Wonder if they'll let me put coloured bands on the metal ones? If so, mint green, baby!
I came home and after about 5 seconds of looking in the mirror, burst into tears and asked my brother to hug me and tell me that I didn't look that bad. HAHA Such a drama queen. But no, I truly thought that I looked like a monster. Had to fight back the lump in my throat when I looked into the mirror while sitting in the dental chair! Now that I've had them on for abit, I'm alright with the whole metal face thing. and hey, you never know. They might score me a nice nerdy booooy? ;) HAHA kidding. Ofcourse kidding.

Sigh. emotional day. LOL. even at night after lab, a friend that I kinda sorta knew but had only just got to know rocked up at my house and gave me chocolates and a card. KIND OR NOT!? I was overwhelmed with the nice-ness. Don't think I'd ever do that for someone whose not a close friend.
Okay. Should probably stop talking so much
AND TO END THE NIGHT, I shall say, GOOD DAY- BLOGOSPHERE. May you have a happy day tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Pre-birthday bash

I'd love to be one of those annoying girls who talk all about their 19th birthdays, but I don't have time this morning. Woke up to my 19th in a rush to go to the dreaded UNI for a whole DAY of lectures and lab sessions.. plus the ortho appointment. I can TELL its going to be a wonderful day ._.
So I'll post some pictures up while I can of the birthday dinner my family held for me last night so that I wouldn't have trouble eating it after I get my braces lol.

Woke up today kind of dreading the whole birthday thing, I've lowered my expectations of this day by oh, so much. But I've gotta say, the moment I opened up my facebook page and started reading through some of the birthday messages, I just felt so much better :) Thanks guys for the heartfelt messages some of you wrote me ♥ It really does make a difference!
Atleast that'll be one thing to look forward to when I come home from lab tonight!

 One last cheesy smile with my uniquely awesome freakzoid teeth..
 Keep chillin' like a villin guys, I'll update later.. maybe post a pic of the train tracks.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Brace face

Tis almost August. Time is going by so uber fast these days!
Guess what people.. I'm going to be a brace face. Yes. I'll be the train tracks, the rail roads, the metal mouth.. Actually, I'll be the metal FACE if I wear my glasses as well. LOL could I BE looking any nerdier?
And just to kick a girl when shes down, why not make the only appointment available on her birthday? Ah yes, I'll be getting braces put in on my birthday in my lunch break before going back to uni where I'll be in lab til 8:30. Then to waddle back home and hopefully not have a mouth too painful to eat some birthday cake.
Happy Birthday to meeeee. *double thumbs up*
I was planning to ask my parents if they'd buy me a pair of nike free run 3+ for my 19th.. but the braces are going to cost a whopping $6000+. Thats the most expensive birthday present ever! On a side note, I'm thinking of specializing in ortho. HAHA. Oh, the money that I'd be making. I kid. We'll see. Not so keen on the extra years of uni involved.
I hope I don't look tooo ridonkulous with braces on. But hey, even if I do look like a poop on a stick, at least I'll be somewhat decent looking in 18-24 months. Ye yee! Positive thinking always eff tee dubs.

First week back at uni, got new tutors- why is it that my group always gets the bullshit ones? But it doesn't matter. We'll make it work, just like we always do, ehy? Going to be dissecting people next week to learn head and neck anatomy :D FUN. Went to watch batman today (which was LEGENDARY, by the way. No joke, please go and see it right now ASAP). Oh, passed both my exams BY THE WAY if you were interested. Well I was interested. Bahaha from what I've been hearing, quite alot of my year failed/borderlined last sem's exams. So all in all, I am for now, a happy chap.

And yes. This has been my life in a nutshell.
Last dent pubcrawl of the year next week. TO GO OR NOT TO GO!?

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Relationship Ghost

I guess now would be a better time than ever to write a blog post about the relationship ghost. I'm feeling particularly thoughtful right now.
The relationship ghost. What is it? Those lingering thoughts that run through your mind as you drive past your ex's neighborhood. The what ifs, everytime you see that persons name pop up on msn/facebook/twitter. The flutter in your stomach when you so much as glance at him/her.
Frankly, I'd like to take a knife and stab your relationship ghost for you, right here right now.
Most people have been through this before. Loved and lost. Therefore everyone who has done so would have a relationship ghost, like extra baggage, weighing them down in the next relationship.
Some more so than others, and some so MUCH that the memories they still hold in past relationships come to rape the next relationship up the ass.
So how much does YOUR relationship ghost affect you? WHY? Is it because you still genuinely have feelings for that person who left you brokenhearted? Or did you make a mistake letting them go?
Do we ever really forget the relationship ghost and give up all the memories tangled up in the messy crap that we call a break up?
Ofcourse, its hard to really ever forget your ex, especially with facebook updating you on every part of their life. Oh, it doesn't make it easier if your ex is one of those "look, I just uploaded photo of the lunch I ate today" kind of people. Technology, what have you done to us? haha.
But in all seriousness. Being held back to that extent by the ghost of past relationships really does not help your situation AT ALL. Sure, remember how you guys used to be, the time you spent together. Reminisce all the happy days you had with them. But after you do that, learn to MOVE ON.
There is only so much sulking you can do, only so much you can hold on to.
Why let the relationship ghost cause problems for your future relationships?
This person you have right now, the one sticking with you through all your bullshit.. Why screw that up.

Ok, well THAT was a post that I hadn't planned to rant on about.. guess it just happened. Guess I'm being way too 'thoughtful' right now. To be honest I just came back from having a couple drinks with friends. THAT might be the problem here. oh yes. ANYWHO I'm all pooped out. nighty night, youngin's. and REMEMBER.
The relationship ghost is a bitch.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Winner winner, chicken dinner

I wish! Haha. But in my mind, I was a winner today ;) How cheesy is that. LOL.
Sturt championships this weekend. Wasn't expecting anything for the mixed, and didn't have much luck with the doubles (god damn it. again :/), but got women's single's runner up. Ye ye ye ye! Beat someone I've lost to every other time, that feeling is preeetty good. Straight sets too ;) Hot dayum.
That was my achievement today, and although seemingly a small achievement to other people, was a big one for me. I didn't choke. I. Didn't. Choke. HAHA. I'm well known for getting to the end and just failing cause I get too nervous. Didn't happen this time, no sir. In your faces, people who thought I couldn't do it.
Kind of pooped out in the finals though. Guess I'd have to gym/train/play as much as she does to beat her. Pssht, focus on studying, Jun. There are more important things than badminton in life.
If only the prizes were better. sigh. Of all the times they could have given out Athlete's foot vouchers, why not this time?! Guess no new shoes for me this time round :( Noooo. Nike free runs, you WILL be mine one day. 

Whelp, atleast I have a new fluffy 'ribbed' towel and socks. Maybe now I'll finally be able to wear matching socks for once! LOL. Oh, the sadness of not being able to find the other sock.
Heading of for some early morning study now! Making up for study time wasted on the weekend. 2 more days, *hyperventilates*.

Had a heated argument with one of my close friends today.. phew, it was intense. Sometimes its really not one particular thing that sets you off, the thing you're arguing over might not even be significant. I guess you could say it was me being petty. But sometimes its just the way the person approaches the situation. Trolling will sometimes just piss the hell out of me. Just saying.
Different ways of handling problems, and today I don't think I handled it well :\ 
What can i say, at times I can be stubborn.
Ohhh well. Glad we sorted it out by the end of the day/just then. LOL. Texting turned into mega back and forth thousand-word MMSs. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

You are a cinema.

Its pouring down outside.. and I LOVE IT.
Rain is so good when you're indoors. Although I'm going out in a couple hours so I hope it stops by then. Going out to the city JUST to hand up an assignment. Serves me right for once again, leaving it til the last minute. I didn't even do much on the assignment.. To be honest my partner did all the work. HAHA what can I say, I'm just not very good at reading articles with bullshit statistics and evidence based reviews. THIS WAS NOT IN THE JOB DESCRIPTION!! LOL.

Spent the last half an hour scrolling through tumblr looking at cute babies. HAHA not creepy I swear. I sold my candy van months ago.

OH. MY. GOD I WANT ONE. FOR CEREAL, SOMEONE JUST HAND ME A BABY ALREADY. I want to hold their little fingers, pinch their puffy cheeks and watch them giggle when we peek-a-boo. Sigh. All the things we could do. Excluding the poop cleaning and stuff.
Oh man. I'm sounding like a crazy person. For all I know, I'm going to end up as a crazy cat lady. Breathe Jun, breath. Relax. Calm the farm. ahaha.
Going crazy from the stress of exams. loldongs.

Ah, the things people do when procrastinating..

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Are you cereal?

Not really. At the point in time although I have so much, and yes, I mean SO much material to cover for the coming exams, I don't feel that sense of urgency. But I know I SHOULD be feeling it. Tonight/this morning, I be doing what I do best, pulling all-nighters!
Although, don't think it has been the most productive night/early morning. 5am and all I've covered so far are two lectures on genetics.
Either I'm really slow or really stupid. HAHA. Procrastinating ofcourse. You know what the problem is? I keep picking up the damn guitar. I think to myself 'I'll just practice that part again..' and by the time I put it down again it's been an hour. Rinse and repeat. Sigh. lolol.
Oh well. Twas enjoyable. Not going to pretend that I'm real awesome at it, but I'm improving! Atleast.. I think I am. Hahaha. And its what I THINK THAT MATTERS, SO WHAT!?
One day I shall serenade a guy and he'll be like whoa, this is.. THE girl. LOL. Yeh. totes. hahah Like thats going to happen. But if it does, fairy god-mother, it would definitely be worth the ugly callouses on my fingers! :D

Its so peaceful right now.. so quiet. I guess thats why I dont mind pulling all-nighters, I don't get interrupted, no ones online to post on facebook/twitter/tumblr/blogspot to distract me, phone is not vibrating with notifications every 10 minutes.. I can just do whatever I want at my own pace. LOL sounding so much like an introvert right now. *emotime*

Aanywho, sun is coming up, birds are going to start chirping any moment. Until the next all-nighter blog post, have a nice day!

Fine morning it is turning out to be. CHEERIO!

Friday, June 15, 2012

It's almost PBJ TIME.

Ello, Guv'na! Bread and butter, did you say?

Twas a cold day today. Couldn't feel my nose. Or my toes. HAHA gotta remember that its WINTER now, and no matter how sunny it is in the afternoon, nights will ALWAYS be freezing minus ten hundred degrees. Lol. Just kidding. But it was pretty cold. Rug up, ladies and gentlemen! Don't catch the fluuuuuuuuu.

Been going to ze GYM alot the past couple weeks. What, Jun goes to a gym? What is this buuuuulshiittuuuu? yeh, yeh I did it. Joined a gym *round of applause*
Never thought I'd be one of THOSE, gymming almost everyday, buying nice workout clothes and such. Always thought it was a waste of money. Why run on a treadmill when the WORLD IS YOUR OYSTER. Run on your oyster. Outside. With the environment. HAHA. But see, June has come, and my oyster is too cold to run on.
So from now on, if I'm not studying for exams or at badminton, I'm probably at the gym. Fernwood fitness. Top of ye' old Toys R Us building. Come find me. Actually you probably can't if you're a dude. Women-only health club for the WIN.
No longer shall there be old men perving on bouncy boobs and ass while young women run on those treadmills. No more shall there be tanked up guys checking out their own reflection in the mirror on the walls of the weights room. And gone were the days where men gave those 'you don't belong here' looks to women who walk in to lift weights. I just couldn't say no!
Plus I got a half off discount. WHAT UP, CHINA!?
Love it, love it. Feel so happy at the gym. Classes are pretty fun. Exhausting.. but fun. And OH EM GEE, the trainers there... soooo tank. I mean, I always say that I'm a tank, but thats obviously BS. When I say tank, I mean 'can-bench-100kg' kind of tank. And they're not the yucky steroid body-builder type, they're actually totes pretty. Sigh.. one day Jun. one day.
Always spend too much time there and then forget about the tremendulous amount of crap I must get through for exam prep. YES it is EXAM TIME AGAIN. If you haven't started studying, GET CRACKALACKIN', noob! Hard work will aaalways be rewarded :)

Finally got to spend time with my girlies from highschool last week! Had a brownie baking, red velvet cupcake making night. ♥ excuse the heart, but I rearry do love and miss them. So girly, I know. Absence makes the heart grow fonder? One of my dent friends told me that when I was telling him how much I missed my besties. I guess yar, it does it does. I'm sure if everyone makes the effort, we'll stay awesome friends until we're old. When we're old and all our bones are all weak and brittle, we'll help each other up everytime we slip over and break our hips. When your wheelchair breaks down, I'll be there for you. ♥

 Mmm, brownies... Seriously the best brownies I evaaar tasted. Not even exaggerating D: The red velvet cupcakes, I thought were heaps good too. Although the person I gave my last cupcake to said they were kinda plain :( All my sweat and tears... LOL I kid, I didn't really do much. The kitchen is really not a very safe place for me.

Have a great month of June, people.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Reasons to smile

I can never think about anything significant enough to blog about anymore. This is turning into a poo-blog. BAAACK in the day, even the most simple event like going to buy my dental tools had me thinking about how I'd write a blog about it later in the day. Aahh, such young love. haha.
Young love, did you say?
man, I really try not to think about it, but when I think about certain relationships, I worry. How can two people be so attached that the moment they're apart, they begin to miss each other so badly that they start having withdrawal symptoms, break down with depression, gobble down twenty chocolate donuts.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating or anything, I literally just can't understand the feeling. I wish I did. Because isn't that love? I don't know. Really don't think I know much about the L word. Isn't it just a stronger word for like. Just like slap is a stronger word for pat. Oh no she didn't. ehehe.

My reasons to smile? TODAY. So today was a good day. Why, you ask? I passed clinic. Oh congrats jun, well done, clap clap. NO. No. I didn't JUST pass. I'm on a whole other LEVEL of passing. I passed with a GOOD. Not JUST a Satisfactory, a Good :D LOL Sounds stupid, I know. But thats how they grade us. Sure, its no Excellent, but hey, I've got to start SOMEWHERE. A 'Good' is as good as I've ever achieved so far in terms of clinic. So much improvement from the last Borderline. Sigh. Borderline. Oh, the shame. Forever on my record. But yay. Celebrations are in order.

All this good stuff happening in my life. Study, exercise, friends, family.. everything's going so well at the moment. I like it juuust the way it is. Who knew life could run so smooth? Right about now. Stop, time. STOP! I'm just going to sit back in my electricblanket-heated bed and savor the moment. Before something noob happens and then I come back here and blog-cry about it. haha NO. I did not just jinx myself.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


I really have to work on the whole Willpower thing people talk about. Setting a goal, heading out to complete it, and just when I'm about to reach the end, something triggers me and I just stop trying. I was almost there.. I was.
I know, I know. Its useless just whining about it, just go and do it blah blah blah. I know. It just frustrates me so much when I don't get the results I set out for, even though inside I know it was up to me to make those things happen. And I couldn't do it :'/
Then later you ask yourself, why COULDN'T you do it? Sad.
Gotta work on it.

Past week has been hectic, evvvverything going on. New hobbies, new activities, new friends, old friends, get-togethers, family committments, long hours, finishing assignments. No wonder why I had no spare time this week. But its ok. I quite liked it. Being busy although exhausting and sometimes stressful gives me time away from my thoughts. Those deep, dark, sometimes irrational and illogical thoughts. Those ones that just keep you awake at night.
The moment I turn off my light and get into bed, my eyes close and I just switch off. It's quite a change from the norm. And I like it. :)
The cold weather must have something to do with it too. Electric blanket IS love. haha.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Just terrible

Terri-bad? Thats a word I haven't heard being used in a while..
So what's just terrible, you ask?
Me. I'm terrible. Terrible at comforting people when they're down. Terrible at stopping the tears from falling out. JUST TERRIBLE! Even the people who say nothing but 'there there' and leave after a pat on the shoulder.. actually no that's pretty bad too. LOL. Sure I might talk alot about ridiculous stuff, have noob opinions and laugh about stupid things almost 24/7, but when it comes down to these 'there there' situations I have aaaabsolutely nothing to say :\
One such occasion happened today where my friend had eyes swollen to the size of tennis balls and was sobbing her heart out. Ofcourse it was about a guy, what else? Girls these days. pfft. HAHA I kid.
Sure, I didn't know much of the story and only had a general idea of what was happening, but why didn't I say something atleast a little empathetic? Cause totally, when you're crying you want to hear 'don't worry about it, time for clinic, lets go in and own it!'
.... this girl is pouring out heartbroken tears of SADNESS and you're just talking about going to clinic? ERR. Then came the "I'm going to hug you now, and its going to be awkward.. *hug* don't cry.." I literally said that. Shoot me now. Why, oh why, was I the only one in the bathroom..

More crap to say, clinic was a bummer. I guess its the first clinic in a while thats been shitty.. but I don't know, put me in a gay mood. I felt.. unsatisfactory. I felt incompetent. Who breaches infection control policies at this level!? Sigh. Another slip up could cost me that pass I so desperately want. Not being dramatic, no kidding. That's what my tutor said. I need to focus more when I'm in there. Fo' reals. It's not like I've exactly put in 110%. Which is noooo good. no good at all!

I guess from today's events I've learnt that I have a few aspects of myself that I really need to work on. Wait, doesn't that mean I have to change? Ofcourse it does. Change is for the better, if you're changing for yourself. The right reasons. Whatever makes you happy :) You know what makes me happy? You. Wow, this is off topic.


Sunday, May 13, 2012


Ofcourse I'd blog after a pubcrawl! Cause who wouldn't!
A night of epic proportions, fun times and slightly vague memories of what I did or did not do/say.
I've gotta admit, I have to be careful about what I do at these events.. There is only so much boob poking I should do to avoid looking slightly lesbian. Ohhh my gosh. Apparently I did much funnier things, which I will definitely find out about on Monday at uni. :/

Caught up with all my dent friends, met some new people and had conversations with people that I never thought I'd talk to. Started the night wearing ridonkulous high heels *so smart* and ended up buying new boots to ease the pain. Thank gosh for late-night shopping on Friday nights. Wow, those boots are comfortable. It's like walking on a cloud, after those killer heels. I still remember the over-ecstatic feeling.
Stupid idea really, wearing heels last night. Now my ankles are way worse off than they were after the baddy tournament! That'll teach me to try and be a girl. LOL.

Love events like these. Just brings everyone together, even if it takes copious amounts of alcohol to do it! Not that I drank alot. ahha
Woopwoop, bring on the next one!

Monday, May 7, 2012


And so two weeks have passed, and two tournaments have been played. What did I come out of it with? No trophy, two rolled ankles, a super sore butt, plus a reminder message to pay the entry fee ASAP to avoid accruing a HEFTY fine. LOL yea, $40 on top of the $50 entry is pretty hefty, POOP.
Sigh. Cannot remember the last time I played in a tournament and came out winning nothing. It's like a slap in the face telling me WHY YOU SO BAD!? I guess I need to really step it up. But just. so. ceebs! :\ I mean, its not as if I'm getting bored of badminton or anything, it still rocks my socks in just the right amounts. But I just yeah. Improvement takes work, and its not right up there on my list of priorities at the moment. DO need to improve though. Shithouse has never been so shit! Look at me, cranking the swear words and all, like I'm grown up or something. *giggles*
I did have fun though. :)

There was a moment during the tournament, actually there were a couple, where I felt like I could just cry. But I didn't. Know why? Cause I'm a boss. HAHA. But in all seriousness I literally just stopped thinking about how crap I was playing, and thought about other things I was good at. It actually works, this positive thinking stuff! You would beeee surprised. Made ME a happier chap, at any rate.
And if you don't have things you're good at. PSSH, what are you talking about, you ARE good at something. Think about yourself really hard. If you still think you're not good at anything..
You're just not thinking hard enough.

What else has been going on?
Exam in 4 weeks, time to get my nerd-dizzle glasses on and study.
But not before PUBCRAWL, woopwoop! This Friday shall be awesome. Already bought my shirt ;)

Friday, April 27, 2012


Going to hate myself for not getting stuck into uni work and bumming around my room instead tonight. On the plus side, laundry? Done.
Tournament tomorrow, wish me luck, yo!
It's weird, usually by now I'd be heaps pumped for it, and be all like I'M TOTES GOING TO GIVE IT MY ALL. Now its like *waves arms* woooo..
Hopefully I'll get into it tomorrow morning. GET EXCITED, EXTRA CHEESE!
Ahh.. motivation seems to be lacking, this past week. For everything :\ Getting slack in just about every aspect of my life. Time to get my shiz together and work hard. Now that parents are back and everything, I'm sure they'll keep me in check whether I like it or not.
A blessing in disguise. Haha, never had to use that saying before. What a smart cookie!

yeah, I'm funny. 
Anywho It's about time I knocked off, gota rest up, and get my beauty sleep. Oh EM GEE-SUS, pimples on my face. Sad.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Must be the pills

Don't know why I feel so.. ELATED, at this time of the night. Just started working on my assignment again after thorough procrastination, involving my usual buddies Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, plus badminton, a shower, a couple spring rolls and some exercise involving me doing squats along to Call Me Maybe. HAHA Just imagining the sight probably sends you into fits of laughter. WELL STOP LAUGHING ITS NOT FUNNY. LOL. Anywho I was 300 words into my 2000 word essay when myuni crashed and so its time to blog.

Exciting news, my friends! My parents are leaving to Sydney for some convention thing and they'll be leaving me for a week! I smell some free-time! :D ye ye ye. Well, not TOO much free time, cause I be a good girl.
._. just thought.. what if some crazy guy reads my blog and finds out we'll be home alone... and.. and and.. D:
Don't think about it Jun, such crazy imagination *hyperventilates* Must be all the horror movies talking..

Everyday this week, I go to uni and there are hundreds of people gathered for their graduation outside on the lawns. I say to myself.. one day it'll be me, there in those wizard clothes looking all smart. LOL 'she's as loose as a wizards sleeve!' HAHAH If you get what I mean. Sorry. Dirty joke.
Anywho I got pretty scared, thinking about graduating. What will I do? Where will I go? Will I be any GOOD!? Although I've heard that even if you ARE a crappy dentist, you'll still manage to earn alot. So crafty, my people. Still.. I don't want to be a crappy anything! Sigh.. I've got to stop and think about what I'm doing before I do it more often. Especially in the lab. So many mistakes. But as they say..having a desire to learn, its both a weakness and a strength. Because for this learning to happen, you need to make the mistakes first to learn from them. Such philosophical friends I have. I doth my cap, sir.

Helping the homeless.. Sounds so generous, so nice.. so purposeful. Maybe I should be more like that, and less like 'ew'.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I have a feeling today will be a good one.

Thats what I tweeted at 7am today. I really shouldn't jinx myself like that. I swear this morning I was feeling on top of the world. And now I'm sitting in my little hole of sadness out in the middle of nowhere. Like a mole. A mole in a hole.

Maybe its the assignment that I can't seem to get past the intro of, maybe its the shit games I had at badminton, maybe my friends were being just that bit more annoying, maybe it was that run in the dark. Maybe it was you. Yeah, it probably WAS YOU.

Am I being dramatic? Making the situation look worse than it is? Is this making a big deal out of nothing? Oh- theres that saying- making mountains out of molehills. And cause today I'm a mole, that saying directly applies. But no, guys, no I'm not. You know why?
Because you're not the one in this situation, and you never have been. You're not the one whose feeling this way. Do you even realise how I'm feeling? No, you don't. Because you think you're always right. Well then so be it, according to you, this stuff I'm getting sad over- Not a big deal.

Gosh, I sound like a whiny pretentious 13 year old princess. Just note that at this very moment, I'm relatively angry.
Ofcourse, anyone reading this is going to think I am OUT OF MY MIND. Time to sleep.
Goodnight. May the wrinkles from the angry face frown not turn permanent.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Rambling on

Happy Easter, dudes and dudettes. .. Or is it? Is it Easter? Is it really? I have no idea. Never really cleared up the confusion, is Good Friday apart of Easter? Or a kind of pre-Easter thing. NO IDEA. And not even going to find out cause I like being ignorant. Even though its just one click away.. Its sexier to leave more to the imagination ;) well thaat doesn't work in this context.

What have I been up to, you say? I was talking to my friend about this just a couple minutes ago, and I told him that I haven't done anything this holidays and its already been a week. But thinking about it, I did alot.
Visited Jin's Patisserie for the first time. Although over-priced and under-served, I enjoyed the prettiness of everything. Not to mention the sexy taste of chocolate and strawberry crepes. Oh dear lord i'm hungry.

For the first time in my life, walked into an Op-shop with a friend on impulse, being too bored waiting for a traffic light to turn green. So much awesome in these kind of thrift stores, I totes want to do it again. Old trinkets and jewellery, epic children's toys- yes, hungry hungry hippo IS A BOARD GAME D: and soo many clothes, mostly 90's fashion but there was the odd awesome piece. Such as this $12 jacket I picked up! :D SO MUCH WIN. Must remember people, to wash anything you buy from thrift stores. The jacket still smells so..not Jun. But thats okay. $12!!

Went to Handorf and picked strawberries. Most of which I ate on the farm before paying for them- Oh no she didn't!-, ate at the handorf inn and sweets and Bailey's icecream afterwards. Which reminds me, i have a stick of nougat in my drawer waiting for me to finish off. LOL forgot about that..

and Today, I went with family up to Mount Lofty for a picnic/hike. Fail hike cause it started drizzling and it was so windy.. but I enjoyed it nonetheless :) Ever since my dad's stepbrother came from Malaysia a week ago, my dad's been going on about putting family first alot more than usual, but I can see where he's coming from. Don't worry parentals! We won't leave you no matter how stubborn/unreasonable/grumpy/crazy you become. Like for cereal. man.. I wouldn't want MY kids leaving me alone when I'm old.

whelp, thats enough journalling/spamming the blog with pictures for now. haha, Enjoy your holidays peeps! :)